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  1. T

    Question Help me understand this. M.2 PCI Express 3.0 speed on PCI express 2.0 compatible CPU.

    So. A friend of mine just bought a PCI express 3 M.2 SSD to use in his old computer, he bought it with one of those PCI express extension cards where you can add the M.2. After he bought it and installed it, he suddenly became worried that maybe that old computer couldn't fully utilize the...
  2. MaximuzG

    Question Can I put my GPU in second PCI-E 3.0 x16?

    Hi, i just got a new gpu (GTX 1080) and it didn't fit in the first slot, so according to my motherboard it has 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16, i was wondering if ill be fine using the second PCI slot and not lose any performance This is the motherboard im using: Asus B450-F Gaming...
  3. I

    Question RTX 3080 almost unusable on PCIe 4.0 x16

    Hi. Recently I have built a PC with ryzen 5900x, aorus xtreme x570 mobo and RTX 3080 gpu. When PCI mode set to gen4 or auto in BIOS, it takes 5 minutes for PC to boot or sometimes it will just stuck at 97 led error code. Even navigation in BIOS is a nightmare - refreshing of screen takes up to...
  4. Question Graphics Card not detect by PC

    I just connect PCI external slot to pc and connect the graphics card on it. When I connect slot USB to pc graphic card not detected by pc :unsure:
  5. M

    [SOLVED] 3070 on PCI-E 3 4x?

    Hello, I am considering getting the new 3070 gpu but i have a PCI-E 3 4x motherboard, this one:https://www.gigabyte.com/au/Motherboard/Z390-GAMING-SLI-rev-10#kf and i was wondering with it be compatible? i heard it will be compatible with pcie 3 but will I lose perfomance and will it work on 4x...
  6. Ash_GameKiller?

    [SOLVED] [Need Advice]Rx 460 vs Rx 580 vs Rx 390x

    Hi Folks, I need your help in selecting correct GPU for system. Since, I don't have much knowledge about it. So, I thought that, I should ask in forum. I've 3 GPUs: Rx 460 Sapphire Rx 580 Nitro + 4 GB Rx 390x Which one should I choose? Which GPU can handle Future Games too? System Specs ...
  7. JesuMan

    [SOLVED] Help me with SSD update on MSI GL72 -7RDX laptop

    Hi good morning i have a laptop Msi GL 72 7RDX and i want to upgrade the ram and the ssd I want to buy a SSD ADATA 512GB S40G PCI Express 3.0, M.2 SPECTRIX Ram 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz SO-DIMM ADATA - AD4S266638G19-S I want to know if is a good upgrade and if those are compatible and what about...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] How to know if PCIe x 16 is alive without actually inserting a graphics card/any other peripheral ?

    I am planning to buy a graphics card, however I have some doubt about whether my PCIe slot is alive or not because of the following : 1. A few years ago my PC stopped working. The local mechanic replaced the SMPS and took out the Zotac GT 610. VGA was then directly plugged to the motherboard. I...
  9. TheFinalUwU

    [SOLVED] Basic Noob in need of a GPU without PSU.

    Ok, so, I'm in desperate need of a GPU, I've got a 310w Gold PSU, and a 3.0 PCIe x16 slot. I'm looking for a GPU that doesn't need the PSU to be plugged into it, I've read some things online about GPU's that don't need external power, yet I'm not 100% sure on what that means. I'm hoping it means...
  10. M


    Hi there, I currently have a Crucial MX100 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal SSD and i want to upgrade to a M.2 SSD with PCI Express 3.0 x4 (TLC). So the SATA-600 disk i have now has MLC and the disk i want to buy has TLC (3d v-nand). Will the newer disk (M.2 one) be faster than the disk i've...
  11. holmesc

    [SOLVED] ROG Strix x 99 gpu compatibility

    Hello guys, still new to the pc building scene and was wondering if i'm missing anything. I'd like to upgrade to a new gpu (current nvidia 1080) and I went online to check what cards are compatible. Saw on here that it stops at 1080ti...
  12. E

    [SOLVED] Compatibility Of My Upcoming Parts

    Just ordered an Msi b450i itx motherboard and i want to get the samsung Pm 981 Nvme SSD. At the moment i will use the motherbaord with a 2200g till this summer when i will be getting a 3700x and probably a rx 580. So are those parts going to go okay with each other? On the SSD side im confused...
  13. 7

    [SOLVED] M.2 x4 Z270H

    Hi, I have a MB ASUS Z270H, and I bought a Kingston A2000 M.2 1TB PCI Express 3.0 NVMe. My question is, the MB has 2 m.2 slots, but to use the x4 feature, can I use one of the MB slots, or I need to buy a pci-e adapter and use the M.2 in the PCI-E slot? Tnx In advance!!!
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Why does changing the SATA connection slot changes PCIe from x16 to x8?

    Hi! Previously I posted a thread here for a solution to this problem of mine. I found out that if I change my SSD's connection from the 4th SATA port to the 2nd SATA port, the GPU starts running at x16 3.0 but if I use the 4th port, it runs at x8 3.0 . Can you please tell me why this is...
  15. waleedGRT

    Question My pc restart new graphics card my pc restart at beginning where boot option comes.

    First of all im sorry for my bad english. So, when ever i put new graphics card ( MSI Radeon RX 580 8gb ) my pc restart at the beginning. and this process repeat again and again. where boot options (F12) and company name (dell) comes out this graphics card support x16 pci solt but my...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] What h55 motherboard has pcie 3.0?

    Hello I'm looking to buy a motherboard for my xeon x 3460. All the motherboard I checked so far has pcie 2.0 but it'd be great if anyone can tell me me if there is any pcie 3.0 motherboard available.
  17. Naveen Vignesh

    Question Can i able to use pci e 3.0 graphics card (Gtx 1650) in digilite DL-H61MXP motherboard ???

    Can i able to use pci e 3.0 graphics card (Gtx 1650) in digilite DL-H61MXP motherboard ???
  18. W

    [SOLVED] XPS 9100 Graphic Card Upgrade

    Hey! I am currently trying to upgrade my graphics card on my XPS 9100, I don't know a lot about computers but I found a nice graphics card that my friend recommended online for a cheap price. It is a GeForce GTX 1050 2gb card. My current card is a ATI Radeon 5700 (a good ol boy) and it really...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] Will PCIe 3.0 bottleneck something like an RTX 3080 Ti?

    Hi! I know this is a weird question to ask at this time, I won't be able to get a definite answer, since we know next to nothing about the RTX 3080 Ti, but I was just wondering. I usually buy a new GPU every generation of the Ti class(currently on the 2080 Ti), but I don't replace my CPU nearly...
  20. D

    Question Raven Ridge pcie lanes for gpu

    Hey guys i have a Ryzen 5 2400g Apu and Gigabyte A320m S2H mobo(😭😭o.c not available shopowner cheated me cause i was a dumb bout buying Apus) .my problem is m buying a new gpu but because of Apu my PCiE lanes are reduced to x8 .But what if i Disable the integrated graphics ? It will give me back...