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  1. G

    Question PCI-E: If one card is gen 2 and the other gen 4, will it slow down my gen 4 ?

    My video card is gen 4 and I've got a storage card that is gen 2, will my video card be slowed to gen 2 ?
  2. B

    Question Gpu Stuck in pcie slot

    Ive read other fourms about pushing it back in and reseating it the pulling back the lever but I just can seem to do and how ever hard i press on the lever it doesnt open
  3. Aliency

    [SOLVED] M.2 Pcie 3 Vs 4

    Hi guys I have currently my windows + my games on my Samsung 970 pro M.2. I am looking to expand my storage and was thinking to add an extra M.2, gen 4 (seagate firecuda 520 1tb). My plan is to leave the windows (as will take a lot of time to format everything) on the Samsung (existing m.2)...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Can I add a PCI 2 card to a computer with only PCI E slots?

    I've been getting into music production and my dad gave me this old MIDI expansion card for my PC that he payed a forture for back in the early 2000s. This would be great, but at the moment I've got a B-350 motherboard which has no PCI 3 slots and this is a PCI 3 card. This is probably not...