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  1. Erik Koinberg

    Question Will I be able to use both PCI brackets

    I was wondering if I will be able to use a dual-slot GPU here: http://sendanywhe.re/EZ9MW77C Any help would be appreciated. Also, the brackets are low-profile.
  2. Erik Koinberg

    Question Is this a low profile PCI bracket?

    I am wondering if the image here is of a low profile PCI bracket. Is it dual-slot, single-slot, or triple-slot (it looks like a double slot, but I am not sure) http://sendanywhe.re/BJO6CEPW Any help would be appreciated. By the way, the bracket is around 7 cm from left to right.
  3. S

    Question USB Type A PCI Bracket

    I've been searching for two days now trying two find a PCI Bracket that only has a SINGLE hole for a USB Type A. I need it for a project of mine. I was only able to find only two products: 1. Single One Port USB A Male to Female Adapter Cable Half Size Rear Bracket Cable 12cm , which is no good...