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  1. X

    [SOLVED] [ISSUE] PC won't post in the Primary PCI-E

    [ISSUE] PC won't post if GPU is in the primary PCI-E slot , x570-f MB (tried two different with same issue) , Ryzen 5900x , 3080 tuf oc (tried also with rx 580, same issue) Help me please :( i tried everything, i will post my answer to ASUS question with my problem, Asus said that CPU is...
  2. R

    Question Pc no longer powering on when GFX card is powered from pci-e

    Hey all, So I was doing a bit of work life balance today (I.e. gaming while in a teams meeting) when my rig shut down randomly. I assumed this was due to having some edge windows open and running out of ram so I (stupidly) tried again. Same result, cut to black after a few mins. Now the...
  3. Immortality

    Question what graphic card would fit the best and the most with "H55H-M" motherboard?

    I'm looking for the best possible graphic card possible for this motherboard. Should I use a 1 Gb DDR3 or 2 Gb DDR3? What specific graphic card should I install in PCI-e 16x? Thanks in advance.
  4. K

    Question Need help

    I got my new graphics card today (1060 6GB). I cleaned out by pc and everything before insterting the new card. But when I went to pull out my 960 it didn’t work. The locks on the pci-e were completely stuck and I could only see half it it. I have a MSI B85m-e45 military class 4 motherboard. I...
  5. F

    Touch Pad Problem

    Recently, the touchpad in my Toshiba Satellite M305 S4907 isn't working. I uninstalled the device driver and downloaded from the official website of synaptics the device driver software for Windows Vista. Even After the previous installation, the touchpad won't work. I really need help on this...