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  1. qwer15333

    Question is my gpu dead?

    Hello guys Im new here and I hope I can get some help here thanks for your attention! My pc specs > gigabyte ga 78lmtusb 3 rev 6.0 2x4 RAM fx 4300 PSU Corsair 500w GPU r7 360, Yesterday I have a brilliant idea to open my gpu and clean because GPU-Z said the pci express was running only...
  2. Supreme93

    [SOLVED] Running M.2 NVMe on an older motherboard with an adapter?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to add some extra storage to my pc and remembered seeing videos about being able to install M.2 drives into motherboards that didn't have an M.2 slot via a PCIe adapter. After doing some research I found out that I possibly won't get the maximum read and write speeds...
  3. C

    Unable To Upgrade To WIndows 10?

    On my laptop, I tried upgrading from 8.1 to 10, but when I pressed the windows 10 icon at the bottom right of the screen, it opens the program. After that, all it does is say, "Please Wait" and nothing ever happens. I really want to try out windows 10, but I don't know how to activate it after...
  4. A

    Power to the video card but no power to keyboard or display

    So, I plugged everything in correctly and the power is working fine to the video card and everything but there is no display. I get it to work after I unplug the card, unplug the pci, replug and then after a few times of repeating this AND tilting the case on an angle while powering on the...
  5. C

    no curser in hiren's mini xp

    [i][I managed to boot my computer from Hiren's Boot CD. I booted into Mini XP. How do I select the desktop icons? I no longer have a curser? I want to run my virus and malware program? I want to fix a problem of not being able to boot into safe mode./i]
  6. I

    xfire 270x vs sigle gtx 770

    What is better? I would like to play games at 1080p on a single monitor. Games like battlefield 4 and far cry 4 when it comes out, graphics don't have to be on ultra but what should be better for that? I'm buying a new computer and both options fit my budget. If there is a better option for the...
  7. Kogure

    Radiator size for WC

    Hi everyone. I need some help with picking the size of the radiator for my first water cooling. I want to cool an Intel i7-4770 and a GTX 780 (1019 MHz clock). Possibly the chipset later on. Around 350W of TDP (without the chipset). I should mention that I already read the sticky, but the...
  8. F

    usb not working

    loaded kaspersky pure on pc scan usb now cant access it,can this be remedied