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  1. Djavuln

    Question Question about twin PCIe cable

    Hi everybody, I am currently building my first computer, the graphics card I use has a 6-pin input and an 8 pin, I just wonder if it matters which of the two cables that the PCIe cable has goes into which connectors on the GPU, the cable is split so that there are two 6 + 2 pin cables, these are...
  2. Djavuln

    Question Questions about split PCIe cable

    My GPU has a 6 and 8 pin connection. The problem is, the pcie cable has two strains of identical looking twin cables. Both have a head split into a 2 and 6 pins. Does it matter which of them I put into the 6 pin connection of the GPU and which to the 8 pinned one?
  3. S

    Help needed with choosing a motherboard for the ryzen 5 2600

    Hi everyone, so I'm looking to buy a Ryzen 5 2600 but I'm not sure which motherboard I should go for a B350 or X470. the B350 seems like a nice cheap option and it pretty much has all the features I could see myself using on the other hand X470 is more expensive but has more features and it will...