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Forum discussion tagged with PCIEx4.
  1. Muhammad Jahid

    Question What gen pcie x4 of m.2 ssd the Colorful BATTLE AXE C.B360M-HD PRO V20 motherboard supports?

    I read the spec of this motherboard. It says it supports PCI-e x4 channel M.2 SSD. But my question: Does it support, pcie 2.0 x4 or pcie 3.0 x4 ? or both? plz clarify it.
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Best NVME Setup for 2 SSD on limited mobo

    Hello, I am about to build my first PC and just got all my parts below, when I realized I'm not sure how I should configure my two m.2 storage SSDs with only a single PCIe X4 slot. Specs below: CPU: i7 9700K (plan to oc) CPU fan: Noctua DH-15 GPU: Asus GTX 1080 Turbo (transferring from old...
  3. Tibone101

    Question GPU works in PCIex4 but not PCIex16?

    Hi! MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P GPU: Asus Nvidia GTX 1050 I have this strange problem, my system works fine when my GPU is in the PCIex4 slot but when I try it in the PCIex16 slot my computer starts up and all, but i cant get a signal from my GPU, I haven’t touched any settings in the BIOS...
  4. A

    Advice for connecting GTX 950?

    Just got a new Lenovo computer from best buy the other day, it's graphics card was somehow worse than what I had with my previous computer. So I thought it'd be nice to plug in the GeForce GTX 950 I've had waiting. I'm not sure what to do with the 6-pin cord that came with the card. It splits...