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  1. Swollenalpha

    Question Is my ram compatible with motherboard?

    I recently bought a new ram >Link to my build>( https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cnMKRT ) and I was wondering if my motherboard is able to run both rams. I’ve installed both rams and my pc turns on but I get no display, just wondering if anybody has an idea as to why. I was running it with just...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Why isn't my newly built PC DISPLAYING?

    Newly built PC everything put together, the PC turns on and runs, but does not display onto the monitor. The PC beeps 3 times on startup. tried multiple different ways to output on different output monitors, no dice. the fans run, the case leds go on, an orange light on the mother board lights...
  3. C

    Question New PC freezes

    Hi yall i finished building and setting up my pc yesterday. During that time my pc froze a few minutes after I installed drivers. My pc has Ryzen 1200 (not overclocked), ASRock B350M Pro4 Mobo, G.Skill Aegis 8gb (1 stick), Zotac GTX 1060 6gb, Corsair CX550m PSU, Kingston 120gb SSD, 1TB...
  4. C

    Question My computer can't run games that it used to be able to

    My pc cant run games that used to perform just fine. Also the computer it's self lags. For example, When i try to live stream it'll lag even if I don't have any other program open. I recently updated to windows 10 from windows 8 but i doubt that's what did it. Please help Graphics Card: Nvidea...