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  1. tsemb_p

    Question Fan speed at a certain tempreture

    Hello guys, I've got a pc with the following specs: Ryzen 3 1200 (cooled by the Cooler Master Masterair MA410P) Radeon RX570 4GB MSI B450-A Pro 1x8GG Vengeance 3000MHz I would like to get some suggestions on what percentage of my fan's speed (cpu and chassis) I should use to keep the volume...
  2. IndraaBD

    [SOLVED] Can’t open Assetto Corsa

    Hello, I just bought Assetto Corsa (with a key from Gamivo.com) and when it was fully installed I couldn’t launch the game. I get an error when I try to open the game: ‘Access to path C:/users/......./..... etc is denied’. I have no idea what to di about it. Is this becouse I bought the key on a...
  3. nospecgamer

    [SOLVED] What paint should I use to mod the Phanteks P350x?

    Hello everyone, i'm that type of guy who likes White Themes for their PC's but when I first built this system I didn't really think of a theme and just wanted a Gaming PC. I currently don't really like the look of the full black on the P350x. I was thinking of painting the P350x to look Black...
  4. G

    Tend Insights Lynx Indoor Review: A Good, Cheap Security Cam

    The Tend Insights Lynx Indoor security camera is a low-cost connected home device with a few nice perks like facial recognition, but it's a little too short on features. Tend Insights Lynx Indoor Review: A Good, Cheap Security Cam : Read more
  5. V

    Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 exynos or snapdragon ?

    Hello, I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 (it's about 300 euros in my country). There are two versions : the exynos one and the snapdragon.I don't know wich one should i get. Can somebody tell me wich one is the best and why ?
  6. F

    LED Strip PSU/Connector

    I've got an LED strip with the standard black and red wires at the end. Can anyone recommend a good LED Driver/PSU to fit into my case as I don't want to have to connect it to the mains. I'm currently looking at this...
  7. M

    Gaming mouse for large hands - Left handed 19.5/20 cm? HELP!?

    So i'm trying to decide on buying a new mouse... I'm currently using an E-blue cobra (not Junior) Size:126*63.7*38.6mm and while its good for the price I want something with a better senor, and a lager size, I'm claw/palm hybrid gripping the cobra and using it on a low DPI. previously I've...
  8. Legatta

    Benefits of faster RAM outside of gaming

    I've been trying to find meaningful information about the benefits of better RAM, and all anyone seems to be concerned with is gaming. I know that RAM has minimal effect in games, but I'm planning on moving onto Skylake, and DDR4 soon; does the faster RAM really do anything? I also produce...
  9. L

    Hard Drive won't boot after installing a new processor

    I installed a new Quad Core processor (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400) on my friend's PC, replacing his old core 2 duo and now the BIOS won't recognize the HDD, it loads into the BIOS and it freezes at ''checking hard disk drive...'' the keyboard doesn't respond and it seems like there's nothing i can...