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  1. Suspicious Dingo

    [SOLVED] Changed PSU and now my pc won’t boot

    Hi, My pc has worked fine for a year. it has: MSI B450 Pro VDH Max RTX 2060 OC Ryzen 5 3600x 2x 2400mhz RAM sticks An SSD and an HDD Recently, i smelled a burning smell from my PSU which was 700 W so i replaced it with a Thermaltake 700 W Smart RGB PSU. However, my system wont post. I can also...
  2. D

    Question PC not booting up!

    Hello everyone So yesterday i turned on my pc and it was stuck at the boot screen (its an hp machine so its stuck at the hp logo). It just freezes there with the message (Press any key for option rom messages). So what i tried was reinstalling windows through a bootable usb. I formatted the c...