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  1. bexyboo88

    Question Weird Whirring / Whining Noise - Have a Listen. PSU?

    Hi all, hoping someone will be able to shed a little light. I have a PCSpecialist desktop PC, which is under a year old. For many months now there has been this intermittent whirring / whining noise which has been getting more frequent. I emailed PCSpecialist about the issue and they suggested...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Help with prebuilds, based on pcspecialist.co.uk builds?

    Hi I am going with pcspecialist. I like to buy a new gaming desktop, which will be strictly for gaming and web surfing. I will be playing some AAA games, such as resident evil (village, 7 and 2) Metro Exodus, Doom and some VR gaming such as Half-Life: Alyx. I will be mostly playing indie games...
  3. Kyle Q

    Question New PC, is it okay?

    Hey guys so after 3 years i'm finally upgrading from my ryzen 2600x, 1060 6gb 24gb ram PC. here are the specifications / part list of my new one: intel i5 10600k gigabyte b560m ds3h 3060 ti LHR 2x8 16gb 3000mhz corsair 500gb samsung SSD 2tb seagate HDD hyper 212 black edition cooler corsair...
  4. Intrepid_0ne

    Question Reliable companies to build a gaming PC...?

    Hi all, I am about to purchase a new gaming PC. I've pretty much decided on the spec (and its coming in around the 1500 mark for the base unit)... just unsure who I will get to build it. Many will say "build you're own, its cheaper!"... but I can't be bothered with all that, and money is not the...
  5. catch440

    [SOLVED] Flight Simulator 2020

    I'd be interested to know what builds people have, and how they are finding the frames per sec on high detail (not ultra)...?
  6. popHx

    [SOLVED] My water cooler is working but not cooling

    I bought a new Desktop from PCSPECIALIST 2 months ago when I start to use it everything was fine until last week I was playing Fortnite for 3 hours before I went to sleep everything was normal as I bought it in the next day when When I woke up I turned on my device while it was booting, a...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Need opinions on PC build

    Hiya, ive configured this PC on PC Specialist and was looking for some opinions on it. It will mainly be used for gaming, but also for university and work when needed (programming, graphic design etc). I already have a TUF Gaming VG27AQ monitor and i'm hoping it will be compatible? Any advice...
  8. Stefan2431

    [SOLVED] Can a aps-520w support an i7 8700 and an gtx 1060?

    I want to upgrade my cpu,ram and motherboard,so I want to know if my PSU is good enough to supply those components. New motherboard:ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING New cpu:Intel® Core™ i7-8700, 3.2GHz/4.6GHz New RAM:KINGSTON HyperX Fury Black, 2x8GB DDR4, 3200Mhz PSU:APS-520w
  9. J

    Question can i make my 2x8gb of ddr4 2400mHz ram into duel channel instead of single channel on a latop?

    everythings in the title, my laptop is a predator helios 300 oh317-51 with a i7 7700HQ gtx 1060 16gb of ram any help will be appreciated
  10. G

    Question Low GPU Usage RTX 2070 max-q

    Hey, I recently bought a defiance laptop from PC Specialist. Its a really solid laptop and good build quality. However When running games, Ill take battlefield 5 for example, Im getting sub par performance for what a rtx 2070 max-q should achieve Im getting around 30-40 fps with a bit of...
  11. A

    To SLI 760's or not?

    Does anyone have any experience SLI-ing gtx 760s? I purchased a new motherboard and I'm wondering if my next upgrade should be a new graphics card for $400 or a second gtx 760 for $200? What card would I have to buy to beat out two 760's? I've never SLI'd before, is stuttering a big issue with...