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  1. Iszko

    Question PC won't start when CPU in the socket ?

    Hi guys, so I have complete assembly my new PC, here's the issue: When switched on, the idle light on the mobo light up for less than a second, and nothing happened after that. But whenever I took the CPU out from the mobo socket, mobo light normally. Tried pulled of RAM, GPU, and all the...
  2. TEH_DiZeR

    [SOLVED] PC Won't start with gpu installed

    2 days ago i tried to turn on my computer after about 2 weeks of no usage .as i pressed the power button my pc seemed dead for the first time ,i usually face this kind of problems as the electricity in my apartment is so bad but the computer shows me fans spinning at least when i try turning it...
  3. _Y_Kaan

    [SOLVED] pc gets blue screen when booting

    when i'm trying to boot up my pc. it goest directy into a blue screen. i have tried to factory reset it, but then it crashes again and goes back into the bluescreen. i have also tried to do it with a usb, but the same thing happens again. the pc crashes and goes into blue screen. furthere more i...
  4. N

    Question Pc won't boot, no clue why

    Hello, I just created my account because I really need help with my pc. First of all I'not completely new into pc's and I generally know stuff about computers. I did the Windows 10, Version 1903 update I little while ago and since then my computer won't boot, this means: peripherals won't...