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  1. A

    Question My pen drive suddenly stops working

    I was working on word and powerpoint when my pen drive suddenly fails to save. My pen drive has a label to it (work) , normally i would see the label when i plug it in, but after restarting my laptop, even the label wouldn't show up, now it only shows a drive letter. I've tried it on a...
  2. P

    Question How to regain my flash drive's full storage?

    My pen drive is 8GB and it only shows 7,9mb. Any solution? Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt -------- ------------- ------- ------- --- --- Disk 0 Online 149 GB 2004 MB Disk 1 Online 8 MB 0 B
  3. J

    Question How to make files either Video or audio on sd card or pendrive files not to copy ?

    Hi, I want to distribute my lecture videos and pdf files in the sd cards or Pendrives. Is there any way to protect them from copying from sd card or Pendrive to subscribers pc or laptop or smartphones?? I dont want them to piracy my content. And also is there any way that the particular sd card...
  4. E

    Permanent damage to my ssd?

    Through many months, I kept raging at League of Legends and CS:GO (don't ask), little punches at my desk would make me calm, but if I got really pissed, I would give my desk a big one, usually causing the PC and the sound to freeze. The only fix is to fully close the pc by holding the power...
  5. A

    Cant play games in intel pentenium G4400 MB:H110MH pro d4

    Sir, recently i have buyed an assembled pc with H110MH pro d4 with intel pentenium G4400 (6 gen) with DDR4 4GB ram onboard 2gb graphics, I can't play games like farcry 4, farcry primal and watch dogs2, can i play those games? if so how? Waiting for u r reply. Thank you.
  6. A

    NVIDIA NOT working after update. Help!!!Please!

    Please help!!!I have a NVIDIA Geforce 560Ti running of Win7, 64bit. I had no problems with the card until th 28th Jan driver update when it stopped working and only showing me the blue screen of death.Restarting and running in the safe mode helps,but so far I have had NO luck with installing...
  7. Will_49

    Computer won't turn on

    Please help I just finished my computer and when I press the power button there's a quick flash of power then it shuts right back off, please help!
  8. W

    Will The Evga Gtx 1060 Super clocked. Be Compatable With My Motherboard?

    My motherboard has pcie 2.0 x16 and the gpu i want (evga gtx 1060 sc) is pcie 3.0 x16. Will it be compatable with my motherboard? And is there a significant difference between pcie 2.0 x16 and pcie 3.0 x16??
  9. H

    MSI H81M-P33 Compatibility

    Okay, so for Christmas this year I am hoping to build a PC with all new parts, and I am planning on getting an Intel Pentium G3258 Dual Core CPU, and the motherboard is hoping to be the MSI H81M-P33, but on PCPartPicker, the case and motherboard of my choice, says it's not compatible due to...
  10. G

    best GPU for next 3 months

    I'm building a new PC. Here's what I've decided on so far: Feel free to comment on any component, but my main conundrum is what to do with my video card. To preface my question, my primary objective is to be able to run Black Desert Online seamlessly on...
  11. L

    Does MSI N760 TWIN FROZR 2GD5/OC have MSI dust removal technology?

    I just want to know,because i going to buy new pc and i build it.So i want to know does it have or not? :)
  12. J

    No signal on monitor

    I've just built my first pc but I'm not getting any signal to my monitor. I've tried both dvi and hdmi. The fans, LEDs and the disk drive appear to be working. I've tried each of my 4gb sticks of RAM separately and attempted it without the gpu but still nothing components: cpu- intel core i5...