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    Question Bluescreen when launching Windows 7 from Windows To Go USB pendrive

    I have installed Windows 7 on pendrive using Rufus with Windows To Go setting, but when i boot pendrive i get very quick bluescreen right after Windows 7 loading, i can't even check details. Then PC restarts and loads normal system without any errors. Already tried installing it twice, and...
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    Question System cannot detect pendrive

    I have 64GB pendrive, which for unknown reason works perfectly fine on my laptops and smartphone, but not on my PC. When i plug it in it shows device cannot be detected error. There is absolutely no sign of it in the system, it only shows in device manager as device that cannot be used. It...
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    Question pendrive loses formatting-- missing 20Mibs SOLVED

    I've got a SanDisk Cruzer Glide 8Gib-2.0(high speed) that keeps losing the formatting(Fat32). Thought it may have been MBR, so rebuilt, but that hasn't helped. Then, since I've had to keep formatting it, I've noticed that the actual "usage" is 7.43Gib down from original 7.45Gib, yet file/drive...
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    Question Do sandisk usb get hot?

    I'm looking to buy a budget pendrive, and i've found that sandisk makes fast and high capacity pendrives for their price, but a lot of reviews say it gets super hot after few minutes, i've looked for ultra slim, flair, etc, and all of them apparently had the same problem. Do you have experience...
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    Question Protect against fake email

    I wonder is there any way to protect myself against this kind of fake email: For example some spammer sends me spam email, and in the field "From", email address is shown of my friend... No easy way to solve this problem?
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    Question Incorrect display of available storage in explorer.

    Okay so when i add up my 4 default hard drive folders (pictures, documents, video, music) it gives 150gb of data. But when i go to my drive on which all this data is stored it says there is only 150gb left of the 500gb originally. So apparently i use i use 200gb more than i can see from the...
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    [SOLVED] Asus Rampage V Extreme Bios uefi random freeze

    I just changed out my motherboard with an Asus Rampage V Extreme and i noticed when i first started the pc and went into the bios it freezed within 1 Minute in the bios. Only a hard restart fixed it and the uefi doesnt have a problem. Hardware: Mobo: Asus Rampage V Extreme X99 CPU: i7 5820k 3.6...
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    [SOLVED] Creative sb live 5.1 in Windows 7

    I need to download support of creative sb live 5.1 for windows7
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    [SOLVED] Asus X370f no video and beeps

    Hello, im building a new pc and I encountered a problem. I havent installed the videocard yet i just wanted to see if it boots. So i power it up the cpu watercooler spins, the case fans dont, the vga is white, the boot is green and the sw_pwr is red. And then it beeps 1.... 1long 3 .... 1. I...
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    [SOLVED] Computer won't get past motherboard boot screen

    I know there's already a thread on this issue but I just wanted some direct answers . Recently my friend's computer stopped getting to windows and I tried to help. I came to his house with my computer ,(which conveniently had the same processor, ram, and motherboard) and started troubleshooting...
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    All-in-one pc as a jukebox

    So here’s what I want to do, build a wall mount jukebox, I’m thinking of a all-in-one pc touchscreen running software dwjukebox, My question is...would I need a mouse or keyboard for any reason and would the pc operate without mouse and keyboard? Would I be able to setup to start right into...
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    Should I buy a new CPU

    Hello! I was running Assassin's creed 4 black flag on my pc it runs on around 20 to 30 fps on lowest settings MY specs; GPU: AMD Redeon HD 7770 2GB ddr5 Ram: 6Gb CPU: AMD Phenom 8600b triple core proccessor 2.30 Ghz Windows 10 as far as I know this game should run nicely atleast on lowest...
  13. M

    Very good pc - low fps in games

    Hi. So i bought new PC 4-5 months ago and i have very bad performance at most of games Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8100 CPU @ 3.60GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB ASRock H310M-HDV RAM Memory 8.0 GB 931GB TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 Microsoft Windows 10 (build 17134), 64-bit I don't know what's...
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    Crucial 500GB SSD Problems

    I purchased a SSD card from Crucial for a new PC build which worked fine. Two months later out of no where I got a blue screen error following which I could not recover or repair my copy of Windows (which was installed on the SSD). I also started experienced GPU problems with failed HDMI...
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    1962: No operating system found Lenovo thinkstation s20

    So after using this thinkstation computer as a freenas server, I cleaned all the hard drives and decided to install windows 10 on it again. However when I boot to windows 10 usb (it was first in boot order) it comes up with a black screen and a blinking underscore. I got an ssd from another...
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    Please, remove me from this list

    How do I get OFF of this list, after clicking something mistakenly that put me on it? I appreciate the info when I rarely need it, but it's a nuisance to get it when I don't need it!
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    teredo issues not answered anywhere

    my computer is missing teredo adapters. its not listed under legacy hardware in device manager. I have tried all the common steps to disable and install. My registry already list 0 as disabled components. TEREDO is not on my system. I need it for xbox app. I cant save state of decay 2 games...
  18. vinnyswin

    How do I turn off full screen start menu?

    The main idea is in the title. I have a practically ancient HP 2000 Notebook. I recently did a full factory reset on it and have upgraded to Windows 8.1. I spent a while on the phone with a Microsoft rep overseas somewhere to no avail. I know that I can switch back and forth in tablet mode in...
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    R5 2400g or any other good processor.

    I only want to know that is r5 2400g processor futureproof or should i go for any other processor in this budget. Any answer will be appreciated.
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    can i use 2 gpu in my pc

    can i attach msi gtx 1060 3gb oc and quadro 600 both in my pc intel i7 3770, psu 600w, motherboard gigabyte p75-d3