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    Question Dell Dimension 5150 Graphics Card Upgrade

    So, before you say, "why are you upgrading such an old system? Just buy a new PC." I already have a main PC that is fantastic. However, this is just a project build that I don't have very high expectations. This PC was handed to me by an old co-worker who was moving and I wanted to make it a...
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    Question Will this old motherboard support an Core 2 Quad ?

    I have an old pc laying around and i thought i could upgrade it and make it into a Secondary/Backup pc , it's a HP prebuilt , specs : -Pentium D 925 -hewlett-packard 0a58h (xu1 processor) motherboard From what i read the most it can support is an Core 2 Duo E6700 which is a bit too slow so i was...
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    Files is corrupted with Help_Decrypt

    Files corrupted (.docx,.xlsx.pdf)all data has been corrupted please help me out. I have done data recovery but no use .
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    local disk drive : C storage doubt ??

    when i open my computer icon it says this "81.9gb free of 931" i go inside c drive and slect all folders in it and right click and see properties it says 815 gb so it means total of 115 gb must be free but only 81 gb is free . where might the rest be ?? just like an hour ago i did...