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  1. M

    Question Userbenchmark says my PC is underperforming

    I have a gaming pc what was built by a website that specializes in PC building here in Norway where I live. I had this PC for about half a year, but I haven't run a benchmark until now. After taking the benchmark, it says that my PC is performing bellow expectations (26th percentile). I must...
  2. WaccTM

    Question high end pc feels low end

    Okay so after 2 months of asking on forums and searching on google and trying to fix it myself, i have given up. My specs are 2080 ti, i9 9900ks, 64gb ddr4 ram, NVme 2tb ssd, asus rog strix z390-e gaming motherboard. and none of my games run like you would expect a beast pc like this to run...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Pc stutters not long after I open a game

    A month ago, I started having random freezes while I was playing League of Legends. After a while, I switched to my integrated graphics so I could at least play the game, later that month I decided to play an old game(AC2) that I knew my pc could handle. The same problem occured to AC2...
  4. CLXW

    Question GTX 1060 at 50% usage

    Before I go to my issue here is my pc specs: GTX 1060 6gb Ryzen 5 2400g 16GB 2x8 ram When I play Battlefield V I get 100% CPU usage and 50% GPU usage. This also happens on GTA V. Any help?
  5. P

    [SOLVED] High end gaming pc lagging - Fortnite

    Hi guys, I've got a issue with playing Fortnite at the moment. Haven't really tested it in other games as I dont have one to play. Since patch v10.40 I've been lagging so much that the game is unplayable - like it dips down to like 20-30 fps and keep going up and down. It's really frustating. My...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] low fps with rtx 2080ti

    Hey guys! First time posting cause I need your help. A few weeks ago I was able to buy a new RTX2080 Ti for a good price. After the upgrade I noticed just a small performance boost. Since then I'm troubleshooting. This is my current setup: ASUS ROG Z270F with an i7-7700K (not OC) be quiet...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] All drives under performing

    3 Drives, 9 tests (last 3 probs best references) of each to show its pretty universal. Any ideas? And yes, the sata drives are on SATA III, as can be seen by the speed surpassing 300MB/s on the sata ssd View: The NVME and HDD sometimes perform as they should (in...
  8. Ian neal

    [SOLVED] I'm stumped and could really use a second opinion

    DISCLAIMER: I'm new to building PCs so forgive me for my ignorance. I am trying to learn as I go along. So I recently re-installed windows 10 after having issues getting my OS to boot. I reinstalled windows 10 via USB (Windows media creation tool ) and I've only been able to get it to boot...
  9. J

    Question Fps Drops after some playtime

    Hey there, I would like to share with you a problem that has been getting me crazy over the last few months. I built a pc on October, these are the components: i7 8086k - gtx 1080ti - 16GB ram 3200mhz - 970EVO M.2 SSD The problem is that everytime I play videogames my fps start as lets say...
  10. M

    Question Heat problem Ryzen 2700X

    I built a new system and everything worked fine. After a while the pc got very loud and I noticed very high cpu temperatures. My system: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (with Wraith Prism boxed cooler) MB: MSI X470 Gaming pro GPU: AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 RAM: 32GB (2x 16GB) G.Skill Aegis DDR4-3000 DIMM...
  11. R

    Question Cpu performing worse than it should

    I bought my pc not even a year ago . Recently I had a little less frames in games and more and more screen freezes. All my friends who have a worse pc have a better performance . I downloaded cpu-z and noticed that my i5-7600 has a way worse performance than it should have. Single thread 470...
  12. Rayven2

    PC powers on and off rapidy, no VGA signal.

    So I'll try be as informative and quick as possible, I woke up to no signal, viva my VGA cable. So I figured the GPU died on me (Several year old HD 5450). However, I can't use my on-board graphics because my port died on me a few years ago. I decided to test the GPU with another monitor and...