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  1. E

    [SOLVED] 3070 Issues

    I've been comparing my 3070 to benchmarks I've seen on YouTube or other websites and mine isn't performing similarly (Warzone I get about 130 fps-Far Cry 6 I get about 90-130) nothing to complain about just worried that there's something wrong with gpu, it's not too big of a difference I'm just...
  2. Felahli

    Question RTX 2060 struggling after Windows reinstall ?

    So i've recently bought an RTX 2060 and i've tried it on my computer before, everything was running fine. However i've had to reinstall windows due to some problems i had with windows itself (i couldn't open network settings, microsoft store didn't work at all, windows button search wouldn't...
  3. C

    Question I7 9700k and 2070 Super Performing Way Below Expectations UserBenchmark

    I have been getting really bad FPS in games recently and have tried a ton of different things to fix it. I just fully wiped my computer, fresh install of Windows 10 running now and I got this benchmark: Asus PRIME Z390-A Performance Results - UserBenchmark Before I wiped the PC this was my...
  4. B

    Question PC freezes while game is on screen, but if I click on second monitor, everything is fine ?

    So, when I try to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, during loading screen everything freezes. Even on second monitor, everything is frozen. But when I click to the second monitor, everything unfreezes, including fligh simulator. So I'm searching on youtube on the second monitor, and I can...
  5. mrkerryn

    Question Performance issues in newer games

    Hello, I've always got no problems with any games in terms of FPS, like steel division, witcher 3. etc.. (always about 60 fps) But I recently bought a game called Post Scriptum which I tought will be fun.. But after I started playing it, it became a nightmare.. I have contstantly under 20 FPS on...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] Better PC running worse than mine?

    Hi guys. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this. If not, I can move it. Anyway, so my boyfriend and I both have decent PCs. We both game, but he does a LOT more than I do. He decided to launch a modpack (Vault Hunters Official), and his performance was completely tanked. Constantly...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Asrock Fatal1ty H97 Killer - Any major difference running a GPU in the bottom PCIE x16?

    My top PCIe slot has not worked since I acquired this mobo from a friend. I have been running my AMD RX 480 8gb card in the bottom PCIe, but was wondering if that has any effect on the performance I am getting playing games. If I understand correctly, my top is PCIe 3.0 x16 mode and the bottom...
  8. elric91

    Question Xbox controller input lag(cpu orgpu)?

    After changing thermal paste on cpu periphericals input lag decresased,but after 2 weeks it Is the same as before.0.5 sor More delay.input lag increases after 10-20 minutos of playing single or multiplayer games Specs Gtx 980 Cpu Xeon 2689 16 Server ram()
  9. BigYuh

    [SOLVED] Warzone 1440p Performance

    I've been looking to play Warzone at high frame rates and have continually been underwhelmed by the performance of my components. I originally had an I7 9700 (non k), EVGA 3070 TI, 16gb 2666 ram single stick, and booted the game off of a hard drive. I was getting about 70-90 FPS on 1440p. I just...
  10. M

    Question CPU Throttling for no reason.

    Hi; When i turn on my PC after playing a game or running some heavy apps then the cpu throttling slows down my computer. And sets a 16% maximum frequency in resource manitor. And it keeps going off and on. It doesn't fix until i restart the computer. This has no logic reason to happen. My cpu...
  11. Zexty

    Question Having insane performance issues. Need help figuring out why

    Hello. I am having a crazy issue where I'm getting insane performance drops whether I am on my desktop listening to music, on Chrome or in games. It causes insane freezing or stutters to like 10-30fps for up to 20 seconds. Only noticeable thing I am seeing is my CPU is spiking to 100%...
  12. I

    [SOLVED] Userbenchmark performing waaaaay below average

    I just switched to an aoc c24g1 and I've been having issues running some games and I decided I should run some benchmark software so I started with userbenchmark. Here are the results: The gpu is not overheating and is already overclocked, so I...
  13. simpalak

    [SOLVED] Performance loss after applying new thermal paste

    After 2 years of using my PC daily, I finally decided it would be the time to change the thermal paste and clean it up a bit (never happened, I'm too lazy). So I ordered a Cooler Master IC Essential E2 thermal paste and an RGB fan for well, aesthetics I guess. I removed the CPU and the GPU fan...