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  1. Goobernugget

    Question AMD 6800XT Running Warzone 2 at 70-90fps max @1080p?

    Good afternoon PC gurus and overlords. I need some help. For reference, here are my specs: Ryzen 5 3600x @ 4.3ghz Radeon 6800XT 16GB(8x2) @ 3200mhz B550 Pro-VDH Wifi 1080p @ 240hz Alienware monitor I recently upgraded to the 6800xt from the 6600xt in hopes of reaching some really nice fps...
  2. a110d2

    Question Multiple same program open up

    Recently I have noticed a drop in my PC performances, some games that were running fine like GTA V now have difficulties loading up textures when I move around too fast or Rocket League taking forever to open, then needing to restart it because it did not open properly and waiting for another...
  3. Jominique

    Question Permanent performance issues when game is left open for too long ?

    Whenever I boot up a game and leave it open for long (like 15-to 20 minutes) without issuing any commands, games stutter regardless of the game's system requirements and maximum FPS I can get from the said game starts to lag . (for example If I'm getting maximum of 75 FPS in a game and go AFK...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] GPU high usage at low graphics, getting low FPS too

    Hello Today I noticed a high performance decrease on my RTX 2060 and I can't figure out why. It happened today all of the sudden. I mostly play modern warfare multiplayer and I was getting steady 144 fps until today. Now i'm getting around 70-130 fps in any match. This happens in Cold War too...
  5. OmerSheeru

    Question Underperformance in games

    I own an rx 470, and when i play games, it just bare bones gives out 30-40fps when it should be giving 60fps...cpu is not bottlenecking...gpu usage is fine...but it just doesn't change performance even after overclocking...i know my way around a pc, but i can't seem to figure this out, temps are...
  6. S

    How much can be tolerated low +12V ?

    Can low +12 V and +5V damage components ? Right now I don't have any problems. Right now is about +11.8V.