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    [SOLVED] Huge Pc Issue

    So, i turned on my pc one day after holidays (changed ram) and the screen kept freezing after i logged in or even before the lock screen. So i thought it was a gpu issue and changed gpu to a cheap gpu. And it worked but after like 10 mins of working either the screen would go fuzzy like a tv...
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    Question Monitor and other peripherals are not working when i insert graphics card

    Graphics card: MSI rx 580 8gb When I insert graphics card, monitor and other peripherals are not working, i don't know why. I am 99% certain that the graphics card is legit and working. I do NOT hear any beeps or unusual sounds when i press power button. My power supply is good and has...
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    Question Pc turns on but peripherals get no power

    Hello, Hey, I hope you can help me find and fix the issue. On Friday I wanted to start up my pc and everything was like normal. Lights on pc turn on, fans working but no signal on either one of my monitors and mouse and keyboard don’t light up. I’ve had this problem before that my pc starts...