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  1. Marksimilijan

    Question Bluetooth Transmitter for ATH-MX50BT

    Hey folks! I have recently bought a pair of Audio Technica M50X BT Headphones. I am looking for a good bluetooth transmitter that will 100% work with my headphones on both my Samsung smart TV and on my PC. I plan on using them for watching movies and listening to music so I hope the latency...
  2. Paradise My-Colors

    Question How to ground a PC properly ?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to ground my pc (and only my pc) that's because i live in a great country where the grounding cable for the house doesn't exist. And my pc case shocks me every time i touch it while standing on the floor (pc newly built). So since my room isn't close to a garden, i was...
  3. A

    Question DualShock4 Problem

    Both my dualshock4 are charging but it seems that both my PC and ps4 not recognizing the controllers... tried resetting the controllers through the back with a pin didn't work, i tried go to Device manager but i cant seem to find it there either... im out of option, and the problem occurred...
  4. C

    Question MSI tomahawk z270 won’t boot with ssd

    So my old ASUS Mobo bit the dust and I bought a msi tomahawk z270 to get back up and running. However it will not recognize my Samsung 850 evo as a boot device. The bios will not allow me to switch from raid to ahci since my evo is ahci I thought this might help to read it and successfully boot...
  5. E

    Can I remove OS off old SSD without having to format everything?

    Hi guys, might seem like a very obvious and stupid question but I don't really have much experience with this so trying not to screw and mess things up before I start. So I'm changing the motherboard and CPU on my PC and have bought a M.2 SSD to go along with it. Currently my OS and everything...
  6. C

    Is my CPU fried? Core i5 7600k new build on ASUS rog hero maximus ix

    Hi, So, humbling myself first.. This is my first Intel build and it is very possible that I installed my CPU backwards and forced the clasp closed the first time I installed this CPU. I've tried 2 boards Asus Prime z270-ar and now this one Asus ROG Hero Maximus IX 2 different power supplies...
  7. G

    amd radeon r250

    So i would like to ask what,s the difference between these- this and this why the price is so different. 2nd one is OC but is that worth of 40$? Or is it brand why they ask higher cost.
  8. A

    Freesync 75hz on Displayport only?

    So I bought a brand new rig this Black Friday (i5 6500/rx480) and lo and behold my surprise when I hath noticed that my antique artifact of a monitor had nothing but VGA connection, so I decided to kick it to the curb and after much hardship and trips aqcuired a brand new LG Gaming 24MP68VQ-P...
  9. hdgaming

    144hz 1080p for gtx 1070?

    Hello people of the internet, So I have ordered myself a Gtx 1070 FE. I currently have a 22' 1080p 60 hz screen, but now with my gtx 1070 coming I would like to have a better one. I have one that i'm interested in, this one.. Acer GN246HLBbid. (is it any good?) My question is will my 1070+i7...
  10. A

    To purchase or not to purchase?

    Hey everyone , my name's Andreas i'm from cyprus and i've been considering to upgrade my pc for a long time now (about 6 months) and go from sandy bridge and gtx 680 to skylake and gtx 980ti . There is a high percentage that i will be going to canada this christmas and the only components i'm...
  11. D

    crossfire a r7 250 1gb gddr5 with a r7 250 2gb gddr3

    ive been told that this is possible but i dont know how to and i was wondering if anyone knew
  12. L

    Can this laptop run Grand Theft Auto 5?

    Hey guys, newbie here! I am shopping for a new laptop that I will primarily use for school and occasionally gaming. I was thinking of building a new gaming desktop, but I am constantly moving places so portability is a must. Anyways, I was checking this laptop out on Amazon and was wondering if...