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  1. H

    [SOLVED] My computer takes over and hour to boot

    My computer used to load in less than a minute or two, which is not exactly the best, but it was acceptable, however as I tried to access my computer the other day, it would not load at all. My solution to that was to turn it off and try again the next day. It ended up working the day after but...
  2. S

    Upgrading to 64-bit help

    Hello guys, I am planning to upgrade my windows 10 to 64-bit. I don't know how to do it but I'll manage that. I am here to ask, I currently have 4 GB Ram (3.5 usable), should I consider getting more ram or 4 GB is ok for 64-bit? Also, if/when I upgrade to 64-bit, do I reformat my drives or not...
  3. W

    Razer Kraken Pro microphone problem.

    Hey,recently I got Razer Kraken Pro Green.I decided to test both connectors that I got from these headphone(one for phone,and an extension with two different head {red -MIC and green-headphones}) In the end,I saw that the connector for phone has more microphone voice quality than the other...
  4. N

    Installed new RAM, now computer keeps restarting

    Hello. So I have been upgrading my PC lately to get something to last me quite a few years as far as gaming goes. Here is my current set up: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P61-USB3P RAM: 2x Kingston Technology 4GB 1333 MHz 240-Pin DDR3 (8GB in total) Storage: 500GB HDD GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 TI...
  5. S

    Disk usage very high

    Quite often, the "disk" tab I have in task manager is up to 100%. Currently, I'm installing the game, see for yourself: the thing is, it can go up too 100mb/s and nothing happens, sometims it's just at 60 and it's still the same like it's 100mb/s This happens quite often, when I play games...
  6. L

    weird problem on battery

    Asus fx553 bought for 8 months, working perfectly fine, until yesterday when i used up the battery life in school and when i went and plug in to charge, it shows no battery detected, but the real problem is, the laptop has a built in battery, so...? Update* tried the battery calibration as well...
  7. Astrix-


    So I just bought a gtx 960 evga 2gb ftw edition gpu and i wasnted to know if it lights up or if there is a certain program i have to run to make it light up or if it even does light up any anwser will help thanks!
  8. E

    CPU Incompatible with motherboard.

    So i just bought a new CPU, i upgraded from an AMD FX6300 to an AMD FX8350. Now in the past i was looking to upgrade my motherboard because it maxed out ram at 11GB, and when i was looking at one i wanted to buy i saw it was compatible with the FX8350 which is why i got mixed up and thought my...
  9. R

    Acer swift 5. Is it a decent laptop

    I Havn't found much information regarding this laptop. I have found one on sale for $1273AUD down from $1500AUD. I like the laptop, its features and it will most definitely be what i need. I have also been quite interested in the hp spectre x360(13-W011TU), also on sale from $2000AUD down to...
  10. R

    gtx 650 pci on b150

    I just put a dsktop with asrock B150M Pro 4v board and i5 6500 ddr4 system. I had my Graphics card from old system which is about 4 years old evga gtx 650. When I connect the grapics card the system starts up but I get no signal to monitor(Same monitor i used in old system that worked with...
  11. A

    Please help this noob <3

    Im building my first PC and im trying to make it super silent, as quiet as possible. At first to do this I was going to go with a quiet CPU fan, then I heard I should go SSD only. Now ive realised the GPU fan and PSU will also make noise so now im really stuck. What can I do? Should I stay with...
  12. B

    GTX 1080 low performance

    This is my setup: This is my setup GTX 1080 Founders edition Intel i7-6700k 4 GHz 16GB ram (2x 8gb) Asus Z-170-a Motherboard Nothing is overclocked I have been getting below average FPS in games such as battlefield 4 i only get around 100fps 1080p, i should be hitting way more with a...
  13. Z

    Asus R554L Charges, screen won't turn on

    I just got this laptop 2 weeks ago, I've taken great care of it and when I go to turn it on, it won't turn on and no lights go on. I tried charging it, and it charges just fine, the charging light goes on as soon as it plugs in, but even then the screen and not even the laptop itself seems to...
  14. A

    To purchase or not to purchase?

    Hey everyone , my name's Andreas i'm from cyprus and i've been considering to upgrade my pc for a long time now (about 6 months) and go from sandy bridge and gtx 680 to skylake and gtx 980ti . There is a high percentage that i will be going to canada this christmas and the only components i'm...
  15. S

    My pc temps

    so i recently realized my pc is getting super hot when i play dying light my temps for the m/b is 62 and my cpu is 70 i have a stock amd cpu cooler and was wondering if that was the cause of the heat being so high on both the cpu and motherboard. (for people wondering i ordered a new cpu cooler )
  16. M

    Weird problem with Front panel connectors

    Hi guys, could use some help here as my head is about to explode! I just recently bought this case "" after setting everything up i noticed the machine would not power on, i tested things like RAM...
  17. juarez69

    Which mobo is the best for a gaming build?

    Trying to decide between this Motherboards: Gigabyte
  18. C

    Hard dive WD BLACK

    WHat kink of sata cables should i get for the new WD black?
  19. O

    Windows 7 fresh install shuts down without login

    I have a windows 7 machine that lost the hard drive. I put a new hard drive in and reloaded windows 7 and it now goes through start up, says loading windows and then immediately says logging off and shutting down and turns off. This happens in both normal and safe mode but if I use last known...
  20. N

    Installing Back up drive

    I started getting a warning message about my hard drive going bad from windows. I purchased a new hard drive to store a system image on it. When I installed it, bios kept trying to boot from the new drive instead of the existing. I went in to bios and changed the setting to boot from the...