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    Question Will this fans be compatible with this case ?

    Hello, i found a case for a good price Phanteks Eclipse P300 and i wanna add 2x 140mm be-quiet! Pure Wings 2. I wanna know if they sit in case and where exactly i need a plug them in to a motherboard. Thanks for every respond ! Links: PSU:
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    Question Phanteks P300 Burnt

    Hi.I wanted to plug my rgb strip(not phanteks) in the tiny rgb strip that Phanteks P300 has so that i can control them simultanously and i think i burnt something. Is there a way to access that strip or find whats burnt? Thanks
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    [SOLVED] Phanteks eclipse p300 what io connectors?

    So my question is what io port connectors does the phanteks eclipse p300 have that connect to the motherboard because i am not sure what ports my motherboard needs to have to be able to connect all the front io ports and buttons to my motherboard.