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    Article AMD Phenom II x4 Northbridge OC

    Hello everyone, I am writing this article to test the benefits of increasing the CPU Northbridge frequency for the AMD Phenom II x4. This was just a simple synthetic test I carried out using Cinebench R15. The Northbridge connects the CPU, ram and for this and other Denib processors l3 cache. I...
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    Ready to overclock my CPU?

    Hello everyone! So I own a PC that I primarily use for gaming and I'm hoping to up its performance by overclocking the CPU and reduce bottleneck should I choose to upgrade my GPU. What I'm wondering is whether my PC is ready to overclock. The main thing I'm worried about is the CPU cooler and...
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    Looking for suggestions $1000 New Build - no gaming - productivity & image editing

    I would appreciate any suggestions for a new computer build. I feel so hamstrung by laptops and the trouble with maintenance and upgrading components so I am going back to a desktop. I've always wanted to build one myself, and now is the time. Here is what I currently use. (don't laugh) HP...