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  1. docbooth

    Question same socket cpu upgrade from the Phenom II x4 810?

    What is the best same socket cpu upgrade from the Phenom II x4 810? I am running an old Frankensteined Gateway. It is slower than... I have started a new build using the latest better suited AMD or Intel cpu and will finish when they both finally start delivery of real chips not failed and...
  2. A

    Question Laptop keyboard weird behavior

    I've had my ASUS GL552VW for around 3 years now and it was working fine enough most of the time. Today I turn it on (from sleep) and suddenly noticed a weird keyboard behavior. Once a pressed certain keys, the slash ("/") key started typing repeatedly. From what I was able to tell the...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] Need help, replacing fans on a video card...

    So one of the fans started making wierd noise, i took apart the card to see if there was something rubbing or not inplace etc. Cleaned it, and it still made that noise, so it must be bearings on the fan going out. THE CARD: XLRE 1060 6gb, from PNY. I do know how to replace a gpu fan, have done...
  4. B

    Question BRAIN FREEZE!!! HELP Please recommend a graphics card for old motherboard

    I currently have: i7-2600k 16gb DDR 3 Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 LGA1155 Using onboard graphics to run 2 monitors EVGA 550 B3 80 plus Bronze Power supply I am having a brain freeze. Please help me choose the cheapest possible desktop card that will be compatible with my old motherboard. I...
  5. L

    Question Flow rate severely restricted

    I built a system sometime ago and recently added a sensor to detect temp and flowrate thats made by tt, have xspc d5 170 combo, from the pump to cpu block hard rube about 2.5ft long with 2 90 bends then a ft long tube to 360 rad above with 2 90 bends and then to gpu block and it is ft long with...
  6. Glispie

    Question No Display

    I just recently built a new gaming PC. Fired it up for the first time, and had no Display through the HDMI. I tried the HDMI in the mobo and in the GPU. After some headache, I removed the GPU and started it back up. Integrated graphics worked fine and I was able to see everything, install...
  7. markofiu

    Question Offset kinda settings on Gigabyte mobo?

    Hey. I saw a video of an offset voltage setting, that with that setting you can run your cpu about 65C instead of 80-85C while stress testing. He did that with an Asus mobo. I'm kinda curious that is there a setting like that in Gigabyte mobos as well just under an other name? Or is that fine if...
  8. H

    Question No display

    I got a PC diagnostic card. After inserting the card in PCI slot, monitor displays nothing. And even there is no error code on the card. What did I missed?
  9. M

    Question How to make Intel i7-8750H run at full speed?

    I want to make my CPU run at full speed all the time. Any help? Thanks.
  10. D

    [SOLVED] PC shuts down after quiting anything gpu intesive

    This is probably a problem with my PSU which is a low quality one that i will be changing soon but i just want to make sure if it maybe isnt an issue with something else. So what happens is whenever i either play a demanding game (in this case Metro Exodus) or i stress test my gpu it shuts down...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] First PC build ever. Greatly appreciate any help, info, comments or concerns.

    Hello everyone. I just would like to start by saying this is my very first post ever to any forum on any website. So apologies about any misunderstandings. Also this is my first PC build ever. I will be having a friend who's done builds before help me so I won't be going in blindly. I found a...
  12. FluffyFlounder

    Question Can I use a dedicated graphics card if I'm planning to get an i5-8400?

    I'm planning to get the i5-8400 with Intel UHD Graphics 630, and I'm not sure if buying a dedicated GPU will actually work. (By the way, I'm not changing the CPU, so don't say screw the i5-8400 and get a different one that doesn't have integrated graphics.) Anyway, is there a way I could somehow...
  13. G

    Question Can't use headset mic while connected to HDMI

    Good day everyone, My current set up consist of a msi GT72 Dominator Pro G Laptop (i7 6700Hq, 16 GB DDR4, GTX 980m), Samsung 43 Inch LED TV and set of Claymore keyboard and mouse. I'm also running windows 10 64 bit. My problem lies in trying to use my headset (with Microphone) while connected...
  14. tomz011187

    Question Mousepad Driver for Lenovo Ideapad 320 14-ast Windows 7

    anyone encounter a problem when downgrading/upgrading from windows 10 to 7. I'm having a touchpad driver problem finding for windows 7?
  15. Y

    Lenovo Y520 stuck on Logo

    Well, first My Lenovo Y520, when I turn it on it just, keeps spinning the circle. Before it was saying Automatic Repair or whatever and then it just turned gray. Now I try and turn it on it spins for a while then turns black then goes black then goes back to the Lenovo logo, I'm not much of a...
  16. C

    Ddr4 ram issue

    1 stick of only 2400 anarchy memory Installed in MSI tomahawk b350 Ryzen 5 1600x PC won't boot Gives 3 beeps and then shuts down.
  17. D

    Is my PC build good?

    I already chose the parts for my new gaming PC and wanted to ask you if that is OK. I'm just wondering if the cooler is a little over the top for an overclocked i7-9700k. And does it even make sence to overclock an i7-9700k and get so much cpu Power without...
  18. S

    Removing enterprise enrollment from chrome book?

    I have an old enterprise enrolled chrome book and I want to unenroll it. The chrome book has emmc storage so I can’t remove it, developer mode is blocked. I’ve tried taking the battery out and doing that hard reset, didn’t work, the setting for reset doesn’t work and holding the power button...
  19. R

    Asus prime z370-a orange light

    the orange light on my asus prime z370-a is on and I’ve tried moving my RAM into different slots and have tried using a singular RAM stick and my pc will turn on but it won’t show anything, and if I press the mem_ok button it restarts and a small screen pops up for a second with a flashing _ and...
  20. K

    Dram led flasing

    I have an i5 8500, and when with one ddr4 2133 Mhz ram and when i start up the computer the dram led flashes in on the motherboard, does anybody know what is the problem?