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  1. U

    Best under 750 build?

    This is a build under 750. Is this is best possible build for this price range? Do tell me where to improve :)
  2. Z

    Automatically starting up after I've shutdown (C-State Enabled/Disabled)

    Hi guys. I had a problem. Computer automatically starting up after I've shutdown. My system: Windows 7 CPU - Intel Core i5-2400 MoBo - GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3P Memory - GoodRAM GY1600D364L9/8GDC HDD - Western Digital Caviar Blue WD10EZEX 1TB PSU - Chieftec Nitro BPS-550C its workin with intel hd...
  3. T

    Windows 8 update

    My HP lap top started to do an update and when it finished it restarted and i logged into my account and all i get is 3 apps flashing on and off i cant use it at all whats happened? I log in and i get the welcome message a blue screen that now only has an Hp help app a app for desk top and some...
  4. A

    Best GTX 980s in SLI?

    Right now I'm looking at the MSI Twin Frozr V and the ASUS Matrix Platinum GTX 980 to put into sli in my build. What do you guys think about these two cards? Which one do you suggest putting in my build?
  5. E

    i7 4790k temps (seidon 240m)

    Hello, just recently build my new pc: i7 4790k (seidon 240m) 16gb 1886 (g.skillz) msi gaming 7 msi 970 gtx well the thing is the cpu seems to get hot really easy, and i dont know if it is normal, or if the bundled msi aplications did change something, or i just aplied the thermal paste wrong...
  6. M

    Digiutal Audio Output

    If I plug a digital audio cable into the port on my Panasonic HD set, will it cause the sound to the set speakers to be shut off. In other words, I need to use a digital audio cable for a wireless headphones setup, but still want the normal sound from the speakers. Thanks!!
  7. N

    Performance issues despite a strong Overclock

    I've been struggling with this for a few days now and have finally turned to making a thread in the hope of gaining some insight into the solution to my problem. I recently purchased a second gtx670 card in order to give SLI a little go. I got little to no increase across the board on anything...
  8. S

    Samsung 840 evo and rapid mode

    Hello i have 240GB samsung 840 Evo ssd. The problem is that i can not enable rapid mode in samsung magician. I have the latest samsung magician. When i click enable rapid mode it says rapid mode enable failure.... I also tried to reinstall the samsung magician. How can i fix this ?
  9. J

    Alienware x51 r2 graphicscard upgrading

    Hello guys, I bought a alienware x51 r2 about a year ago and I noticed that the newer games started to run a bit slow. I wanted to upgrade my graphicscard with the "Asus GeForce GTX 750" I'm using Geforce GTX 645 at the moment. Thanks! Alienware x51 r2 Geforce GTX 645 Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  10. thedude300

    4670K 1.3 4.5ghz to much? And Corsair Link questions..

    As the title states. I so far run under 80c at 1.3v at 4.5ghz on my 4670K. This is paired up with a Hydro H100i cooler. But, I have no idea how to properly set it up. I usually throw it on performance mode when gaming and to balanced when doing browsing. Today I finally opened up Corsair Link...
  11. P

    AM3-b to AM3+ is there any way to make this work

    i have a hp angelica rev 1.2 motherboard witch is am3-b socket and a fx-4200 AM3+ cpu is there any way i can make these work together it fits and boots up but after instaling windows it shuts its self down can anyone help?
  12. D

    Need to Recover lost drive

    My computer started intermittent freezing and became really slow. Restarting fixed the problem, but on one occasion it didn't and I reset the computer while the system was starting. Then I got a "disk read error. press alt+delete to reset" and I said <mod edit> I've recently re-installed...
  13. Z

    Can I place an HDD on a naked surface/table?

    I want to take a SATA to USB connector and migrate my old HDD to my new SSD. I was wondering if I can just place my old HDD on my plastic computer case or the wooden desktop assuming no water or dust is nearby
  14. K

    Noctua redux fan direction

    Just bought a NF-S12B redux as exhaust fan for rear, but somehow i cant feel any air blowing out. the side with noctua logo is facing out. am I doing it right?
  15. D

    What Framerate will I get with these components?

    So I was thinking about building a gaming PC for Christmas. My budget is £600/$1200. I was wondering what sort of framerate will I get with these components on games like bf4 on high presets @ 1080p. Here are the specs: CPU - AMD FX-8350 @4.00GHz 8 Core - £124.00 GPU - Asus GeForce GTX 760...
  16. L

    No Ram works

    The type of computer I have is a hp 500 y with the h type motherboard. I just recently upgraded my graphics card and ram, doing the card first. The graphics card worked perfectly fine so I then proceeded onto the ram. ( graphics card being the GeForce GT 630) I removed the stock ran which was a...
  17. S

    Looking for a 100$ or less case.

    So I am looking for a Mid-tower case to fit a ATX motherboard and a XFX 7970.
  18. C

    Do I lose much with this gpu?

    Originally I was going to get this as a gpu But the shop I'm ordering from have offered me this instead If I go for the latter will I lose out on much performance capabilities?
  19. R

    Looking to Buy New Monitor ISP or 120hz+?

    As the title thread says I'm looking to buy a new monitor around 200$. I currently have a Dell SR2320L, and I'm pretty happy with the picture. I now want a second monitor so I'm wondering should I go IPS or get a gaming monitor? I don't really watch movies only TV shows, for the games I play...
  20. M

    CPU Cooler Question

    Hello friends, I just had a quick question, I've heard that a bigger cooler shortens the life of your motherboard. The idea behind that being that the more weight on the socket area from the bigger cooler is bad and will eventually be the downfall of your motherboard. Is this myth or fact? Thanks