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  1. A

    Question Best GPU for photo and video editing

    You've probably heard this a million times. After a bunch of research, I'm still stuck on what GPU to get for editing. I'll make this thread organized as possible for the ease of clarification. Intention I barely play games so this is mainly for photography and I'm planning to move forward with...
  2. L

    Laptop for photo editing 2020

    Trying to sort this all out. I need a laptop for photo editing - Lightroom and Photoshop for fine art photography. Here is what I think I want and don't want: Want: Factory calibrated 100% RGB Best graphics card to do the job Don't want (I think) A ton of storage as I work out of an...
  3. Pikapikaa

    [SOLVED] How is this build for photo editing ~£1000

    Anyone see any problem with this? For photo editing (mainly photoshop and capture one) No video editing, no gaming. Is the PSU suitable? can I go for a lower watt? Many thanks! E
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Help me build Photo editing machine

    Hi, I'm looking to build a computer for professional photography: Photoshop and light room some video editing (camtasia studio - not nearly as demanding as adobe premiere) some basic gaming Runs quiet (near silent at IDLE) White PC Case My budget is around $1000 What hardware would you...
  5. N

    Question Being a VA panel, is BenQ EW3270u good for photo editing??

    Hello folks, Currently I was using a mid 2017 MacBook Pro 13inch for my programming, web designing, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and designing. After two years display of my MBP is giving me some issue and now it’s totally dead! And Apple gave me an expense of $650 for...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Does components fit in NZXT H500

    Hi i have a few questions. First of all i spend around 1-2months of watching videos about PC Building and stuff and i started choosing the components but im not still sure if i choose the right one and if they fit without any problems because it will be my first build. I also check components...
  7. V

    [SOLVED] Motherboard does not reach IO Shield

    I’m building my first PC and there’s an issue with the motherboard and IO shield. It seems like no one else has had this problem that I’ve seen on forums... my motherboard won’t reach the IO shield. It’s over where the standoffs are, and there’s no way I could adjust the standoffs to be...
  8. Q

    Do my 4k sharp uhd have hulu

    My 4k uhd smart tv
  9. L

    Connecting amp with ni HDMI port, DVD player with HDMI port, DSTV with HDMI port to TV and surround sound

    I need help here. I recently bought a Sansui home theatre system but only now found out that there is no HDMI port available on the amp. I want to connect my DVD player and DSTV and TV to the amp.. could anyone please assist here. Many Thanks
  10. K

    Win10 new build install not recognizing NVMe drive for OS

    Installing Win 10 64bit Pro does not recognize Samsung NVMe SSD 960 EVO M.2 as install drive option New system build Intel i7-8700 GIGABYTE Z37OP D3 Motherboard Corsair DDR4 2x16gb memory Samsung NVMe SSD 960 EO M.2 1TB 3 WD Black Hard Drives Pioneer Blu-Ray Burner Bios shows Bus:9 Dev:0...
  11. Y

    Help at building a gaming pc with max 850$

    Hi, I've been looking for some time for the best components to build a strong PC gaming in this budget. I chose gtx 1060 6gb as video card and for cpu i5-8400 or ryzen 5 1600. I know ryzen 5 1600 is better for multitasking and streaming. i5-8400 is better in single core speed so it's better in...
  12. W

    Not Starting Up

    Hi All, I just finished assembling my PC today and eagerly pressed the power button - but nothing happened. I waited for few minutes and then tried again and when nothing happened I changed the power cable connecting the SMPS to the mains and to my delight the computer started. After 30 minutes...
  13. DavidVioMC

    Corsair Nepton 120XL AIO external pump?

    I have a Corsair Nepton 120XL in which the pump died. The whole system is in mint condition so I still want to save it somehow. I would like to put in a pump with reservoir so I don't have to take off the heatsink plate to refill. I could take out the little circut board and the magnetic part of...
  14. K

    How much is my computer worth?

    I'm looking to either sell my computer as a whole to someone nearby or sell parts individually to put towards a completely new and different build, but I'm not too keen on the resale of items. -GPU: ASUS Strix Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti -CPU: Intel i7 6700K @ 4.0GHz (4 Cores) -RAM: 32GB of DDR4...
  15. J

    Dell inspiron 7560 Trackpad and Color Gamut

    Hi so i just purchased a dell inspiron 7560 (the i5 model with 8gb ram, 1 tb HDD and the 4gb 940mx) and i had a few doubts about the device and it would be nice if someone could clear them for me. 1. What is the colour gamut of the screen of this device (its the IPS panel)? 2. The trackpad is...
  16. S

    Hot running CPU

    I'm running a i7-6700K @4.2GHz with a Shadow Rock 2 cooler on top of it and am wondering if my temperatures are a lot too high. In Idle I got temperatures between 60 and 70C while gaming it mostly is constant at ~90C with some spikes to the 100C. My PCsystem is cooled by 1 CPU-fan and 4 more (2...
  17. R

    Will the 1070 handle my setup?

    I am currently running an MSI R9 390 and I have been having serious heat issues. Thus, I am looking to upgrade. I run a 2560 X 1440 monitor and a 1920 X 1080 monitor. I am looking to game on the 2K monitor at somewhere between 40-60 fps with maxed detail. I play Witcher, Skyrim, Doom, etc. and...
  18. N

    Help: Can I bypass a URL redirect?

    Hello, friends! I hope you can help me as I'm quite angry right now and I'd like to fight back. A quick backstory: I am part of a community of gamers that all play Star Wars: The Old Republic. We had a website that we used to communicate, coordinate, share fun stuff, and overall interact as a...
  19. O

    Will it work out fine? a question about an old build upgrade

    Hello, everybody. So i just re-discovered my old PC. I have been using a laptop for the last couple of years, for both gaming and college work. And its sucks this thing struggles to run anything. Anyway i had my old PC which i found to be up-gradable (I think). here is it current components...
  20. S

    1600 works with 1866?

    Hi, first of all, sorry for anything that might get out of the common rules, this is my first time posting here, im sorta noob and my english is not very good. Recently, I bought one 8gb (1x) HyperX Fury 1866mhz, and I was using one 4gb (1x) Corsair Vegeance 1600mhz, both DDR3. I heard and...