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    [SOLVED] PSU Dimensions and Cooling Solution

    So firstly, this will be a gift, and so I would like a nice aesthetically pleasing system. Note I have never actually built a mini-itx system before, I am confident in putting it together, just not the exact parts to use. So I wish to make a reasonably powerful mini-itx system (with wifi). I...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] PicoPSU for Ryzen 5 3400g

    What would be the best PicoPSU (and ac power adapter) for an amd system sporting a noctua cpu cooler, 4 50mm case fans, R5 3400g APU, 16gb (2x8) ram and one of the below mobos (whichever you think is the best one, I'll flash the bios) Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI Gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO...
  3. Z

    Question PC doesn't boot with integrated graphics anymore

    Hello, Here are my specs: MB : asus z370-i mini itx gaming CPU: i7 8700 PSU: pico psu 160w 16gb of ram Ok so yesterday my computer was running perfectly. The monitor was connected via hdmi to the onboard graphic. Suddenly, the screen flashed for a few seconds and then it went black. I try to...
  4. Z

    Question Dual power supply with mini itx

    Hello, I built a small pc with a mini-ITX Z270I motherboard, a i7 8700 cpu, a nvme ssd and 16go of ram. The power comes from a small 160 watts picopsu I can put this pc in my backpack and bring it everyday to work. When I am home, I would like to quickly plug a graphic card so that I can game...
  5. T

    Updated BIOS due to PC restarting PC restarted during BIOS update

    While updating the BIOS tonight - due to the PC starting to restart itself last night while playing games ( 3 times ) and tonight while browsing the net. I went to the MSI page and found the driver I was running was released in 2013, so I downloaded it - closed all my programs and went to run...
  6. J

    AMD Fx (tm) 8320 8 Core Overheating

    My friend recently has been having issue with his computer freezing on him during game play and on chrome. The first error was "audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0" after doing research on that issue it seems like it can be from a few different sources, after getting him to get me...
  7. Pleaseanswer

    Gtx 970 or Gtx 980?

    I'm on my first computer build, and I have the MSI gtx 980 on my list, but I'm wondering if I should degrade my GPU to a Gtx 970 for better storage, and maybe a better CPU. I play games like BF4,Farcry 4, WOT, WT, and web games (when I'm bored). Thankyou for reading (it's pretty short)
  8. andrei65

    Good tablet for photoshop art under 400€ ?

    Hi guys :) I like drawing mangas , cartoons and cetera , but i don't have the money to afford copics etc ... you know tools , and i was wondering , if there is any good tablet for photoshop drawing under 400€ , i'd like it to have a 32gb ssd *at least* and a 500gb to stock my drawings on it i...