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  1. Etisalat

    Question Random Ping Spike

    G'day gentlemen, I'm aware that there are countless other threads about this issue however none of them worked for me, unfortunately. The problem as I stated in the title is ping-related where all of a sudden I would get 300+ ms or more when normally it would be <10. This issue happened out of...
  2. N

    Question ping spikes when gaming

    hi, basically this happened after I came back from a vacation. I used to have 0 issues with my ping and latency, but after turning my modem and router back on from the trip I'm now experiencing ping spikes ONLY when I'm gaming. Normal ping when surfing the net or Youtube will be around 7-80ms...
  3. C

    Question Outbound Packet Loss (Wired Connection)

    I have been PLAGUED with this outbound packet loss issue for as long as I can remember. As for solutions: I have accumulated days in google searches, youtube videos, forum posts, hardware changes, service technicians out, pings, tracerts; anything you can think of. Nothing I've done so far has...
  4. ahregri

    [SOLVED] Ping spiking and computer freezing on ethernet

    Starting a few months ago, we got a new modem and my ping began to spike and my computer would freeze randomly. Sometimes every hour, sometimes every couple minutes. I’ve tried everything I’ve read online and nothing has worked. It’s only my computer too! I’m on ethernet and everyone else in the...
  5. P

    Question High ping spikes when playing video games

    Wired network problem Hello, recently i started having problem with 1 second ping spikes / lag spikes once every few minutes. I was having this problem last year but then we upgraded the net speed from 3 mb/s to 15 mb/s and the problem looked like solved. However now like 3 months later it...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] My computer gets a network-related ping spike approximately every minute. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

    The ping spikes make it hard to play online games like CSGO because I'll keep having lag spikes and dying. This problem started about a week ago. Some days there are ping spikes, some days there aren't. I don't remember installing anything new. I'm thinking that it might be some type of virus...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Constant Packet Loss and Ping Spikes On Wired Connection

    About 5 days ago whenever I was playing a game I would get these random lag spikes and its been going non stop. I asked if anyone else on my internet was having these issues but no one else had them. I did a speed test on my computer and compared it to another computer. I was getting around...
  8. hrishiten

    [SOLVED] Why does my ping spike up on laptop while gaming when other devices at my home use WIFI?

    So earlier I used to play using WiFi on my PC and had to ask everyone else at home to refrain from using WiFi as it would generate ping spikes. A friend suggested me to use Ethernet connection to solve this ping issue. Yet, even though my laptop is connected to Ethernet the ping spikes upto...
  9. Jordan_stewart

    Question Fluctuating ping spikes

    Hi everyone, I've gone through as many threads as I could on the subject before I posted myself, as it seems to be a fairly common issue that I just can't seem to find a resolution for. I'm having frustrating ping spikes on a consistent basis, that I don't know how to resolve. I'm on a 5g...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Latency Spikes and Packet Loss even when connection is Idle. HELP!!

    I am having latency spikes and sometimes getting packet loss even when the connection is idle. Its making my online gaming experience unbearable. I also tried connecting the ethernet cable directly to the PC but still I am getting the issue. I have also spoken with the ISP but they are not...
  11. DaveTheAirman

    [SOLVED] Packets Stop Receiving (Ping Spikes) Every 30 Seconds

    Packets stop receiving every 31-33 seconds exactly every time on the spot consecutively for 24/7. There is not a single thing I haven't tried other than connecting to another network which in my case won't fix the issue. To begin with I have an Omen. (Link to purchase...
  12. T

    Question How do you fix constant lag spikes every 5 seconds ranging from 100-800 ms?

    Since last week I have been getting over 100-800 ping spikes every 5 seconds and then returns to >20 ms. I've tried every solution the internet had but it all failed. Please Help.
  13. K

    ASUS laptop Q301L randomly turned off and won't turn back on

    Hi :) I was in the middle of browsing Twitter, when my laptop randomly blackscreened. It's been doing this for quite sometime, however I'm usually able to turn it back on. Whenever I try press the power button, the button itself and my screen light up momentarily, before making a small click...