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    Question Ping spikes every 3-10 minutes

    So I keep getting lag spikes roughly every 3 - 10 minutes (never consistent as far as I can tell.) I believe it happens on Netflix/Youtube/etc. as well. My ping will be running smoothly at around 30ms and then spike to 300-600 for about 5 seconds and drop back down to normal. Doesn't disconnect...
  2. B

    Question Random intermittent bursts of high ping when router plugged in

    I have an ethernet connection from my desktop to my Linksys AC5400 router, which is plugged into the Comcast-provided Cisco DPC3941B modem. Most of the time, my Internet is fine, but approximately once every 2 to 3 minutes I get a 15-to-30-second span of high (>300ms) ping. I've had two Comcast...
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    [SOLVED] What does "PING" refere in games?

    I know that ping means latensy (ms) So my latency from my pc to the game server is ~15ms. But if i open the setting for example my opponents or teammates profile, their ping is ~30-40. Does it mean that the ping referes to their latency to the server? Or their latensy to my pc? So if my...
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    [SOLVED] Will an ethernet connection stabilize my ping?

    Hello everyone. I have a 50mbps connection and I am currently using a wifi adapter (TP LINK T4U) and although web browsing and videos are super fast, I'm having ping issues in games. I'll get these annoying little spikes every now and then, which aren't crazy, but enough to cause lag and ruin...
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    Question Recommendations of a good vpn for gaming

    TL;DR: I need a VPN that is suitable to play games on (low ping, no packet loss, nice speeds) any suggestions are appreciated :) Main post: Heya, I've been gaming for ages now but have never used a VPN, I have a dynamic ip but want to take it a step further, the only problem I have is that I...
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    Question Ping / Disconnect Issues any help is appreciated

    So I've been having a problem for maybe a month or two and was hoping it was just something that would fix itself but here I am still with the issue. Anyways the issue I'm having is randomly my ping will spike to 2000+ for around 15 - 20 seconds it will cause me to lose connection to games if...
  7. D

    Question Powerline or wifi

    Hello, I need some help in making a choice between investing in a router and reciver or powerline. I know ethernet is the best but there is just no way to get ethernet to my room from my router/modem which is located on the other end of my apartment. So I was thinking which would be better...
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    Question Games lag all of a sudden, ping is extremely high!

    My network has become so bad all of a sudden. On my custom PC, my Verizon network has just become uncooperative and unusable for gaming. My ping in a game(World of Tanks Blitz) has hit over 500-800 consistently, with usually 40% or more packet loss just today. I ran Malwarebytes, restarted the...
  9. C

    Question High ping in game from network Please help I gave up on trying.

    So I have a TP link archer T6E and It has great reviews for wireless gaming. (parents will net let me route Ethernet to my room) So lately I Have been play rainbow 6s and my ping spikes (now I have always had normal network spikes idk why but never ping) so it has been getting annoying. so I...
  10. K

    Lag in Games Even Though Fast Wifi and Fast Ping

    Whenever I game, my ping is a good 10-100 ms but I am still lagging around in game. I have checked my graphic cards driver and it is up to date. I mainly play fps and battle royale games like Overwawtch, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. My PC specs are GTX 1060 3 GB i5-7400 8 GB Ram 1 TB hard drive...
  11. A

    Question DSL router after sometime stop ping/website not open but return to normal after a while

    Hello all I have a Zyxel dsl router.Am facing an issue where after a while the router won't ping and open any website internet will remain connected, but after a while it becomes fine.Kindly tell is it a issue with ISP or faulty hardware
  12. Question Are these test results enough to prove the lag is my isp's fault?

    I ran these test all simultaneously and get the same result with both laptop/pc and wired/wireless. If I send these to my ISP will they do anything about it? I have been experiencing a lot of lag for a while and I am pretty sure its their fault.
  13. W

    Question PROBLEM:R6S ping 9000

    I have been playing R6S for along time, but yesterday it started to make my ping super high, I don't know why, I can recconect to my match and usually it would be fine after that, I think it might relate to me clicking on my second monitor (game is windowed borderless) Please help!
  14. WayneTech

    Question Performance issue

    This is my final resort. For the past 6 months every game I have played has suffered the same issue. I'll have split second moments where everyone will freeze and my ping will increase a small amount (usually from about 21 to about 50 then back down again). I originally thought it may have been...
  15. M

    Does cache affect performance?

    I have windows and other important programs to samsung evo 850. So now I need cheaper ssd for games only, I can't decide between these two kingdian models, here are some specs: 1) s280: 480gb - 512mb cache - Read 568 Write 470 mb/s 2) s370: 512gb - 32mb cache - Read 562 Write 490 mb/s...
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    Help make new computer and help with best options.

    Hey so I want to change my motherboard, case and cpu. I want to keep my windows 10 standard, msi geforce gtx 1050 and 1tb hard drive. I need help though, I have went on pcpartspicker and i have picked a bunch of stuff that I would like that are pretty good but dont know how to take my graphics...
  17. E

    H150i pro mounting help

    so i got have a corsair h150i pro but dont have the 1150x mounting kit.. corsair doesnt have the kits currently for sale. i found a kit on asetek and it has the back plate and the stand off screws. can someone let me know if these standoff screws and the backplate will work with the h150i...
  18. T

    Forcing USB Boot on HP Pavillion X2

    I've forgotten my Win10 local password, and that is the only user set up on the machine. When setting it up, I disabled the generic admin account. The BIOS has already been configured for the following "UEFI Boot Order": • USB Diskette on Key/USB Hard Disk • USB CD/DVD ROM Drive • OS boot...
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    100fps on 144hz or 100hz

    Hello I have capped my fps to 100 because its the lowest framerate i get... my fps is 100-2xx but its 80% of the time around 110-120 or its going down form 200 to 100 in a second,it feels horrible on 144hz monitor.. what should i do?use 100hz or 144hz
  20. S

    Upgrading Mboard and gpu

    1 x nvidia gaming PC socket 1155 i3 i5 i7 (. Intel i5 3570 Quad Core, . 1155 Asus P8B75-M LX Motherboard, . 16GB DDR3 Kingston 1333 (2 x 8Gb), . Creative OEM SB Audigy SE, . Manufacturer Supplied Cooler, . DVD+/- RW - 24X (Pioneer DVR-S19LBK), . 500GB S-ATAIII Hard Drive 6.0Gb/s, . No Secondary...