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Forum discussion tagged with Ping.
  1. J

    Question router can't ping but laptop can and WAN port unplugged

    I have a TP-LINK TL-WR940N router. The topology of my network is router A->router B -> router C. This particular router in question is B. I used a Lenovo laptop G40-45 running Windows 10 1909 64 bit to connect to it via an ethernet cable. There are two problems: 1. WAN port parameters are...
  2. W

    Question My ping is spiking and not going down.

    I first reset my router the first time it happened. Then it fixed but after about 20 minutes it spiked to 100 ping and didnt come back down. I have Ethernet No one is on the internet because its 2:00 am My "normal" average ping 31
  3. A

    Question Ping spikes to thousands.

    Ping keeps spiking to thousands every few seconds when gaming. My laptop is a HP da-2017nx, 64-bit operating system My router is Nokia G-240W-B. My other laptop barely spikes and not to the extent that it reaches thousands. Ethernet is not available. I tried to run a ping test to google and...
  4. MilkmanEternal

    Question My Ping Spikes wildly from 60ms - 600ms in discord and when gaming, SOS please help.

    My Computer isnt plugged directly into the modem but i have a ethernet socket in my room, up until recently my connection wasn't that bad but now my ping is absolutely horrendous, most games say i have some sort of connection problems and im not sure if it has something to do with my ISP or...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] 4g Broadband Ping Issues

    Hi, I live in a rural area and because of this copper cables was my only way of receiving broadband and I was right at the end of the exchange meaning I was only receiving about 3mbps. However, my ping was around 20 when playing online games. I have since moved to a 4g unlimited plan with...
  6. C

    Question Will this product solve my wifi problems?

    Hey guys, so i have been recently having WiFi problems as my internet is on the other side of the house to where my PC is located in my room. My house isn't massive and i get a decent connection from my room when no one else is using the WiFi, but as soon as someone watches Netflix or you tube...
  7. hrishiten

    Question Why does my ping spike up on laptop while gaming when other devices at my home use WIFI?

    So earlier I used to play using WiFi on my PC and had to ask everyone else at home to refrain from using WiFi as it would generate ping spikes. A friend suggested me to use Ethernet connection to solve this ping issue. Yet, even though my laptop is connected to Ethernet the ping spikes upto...
  8. L

    Question Ping hidden in game while using ethernet!

    Hi I recently bought an ethernet cable. I was using wifi with the help of a wifi extender till now to access internet as my pc is far away from my router. When I started using the ethernet cable I saw no problems and jumped into a game of battlefield. But for some reason my ping is hidden while...
  9. C

    Question Wireless Adapter Recommendation

    Recently I switcted from my gaming laptop to a desktop computer. Pulling a cable to my room is not possible so I need to get a wifi adapter that is as good or better than my laptop's internal one so I can continue to play online games without high pings or disconnections. This is my laptops...
  10. padrelostr

    Question Second best option to lower ping?

    In my house it’s impossible to connect an ethernet cable to my pc because of different reasons, so what’s the best second option to get better ping when playing video games?
  11. padrelostr

    Question Ethernet Cable

    Hello everyone I’m new to the PC World and I play a lot of games on my Asus PC. The problem is that i’ve always played with my wireless wifi that my other 3 members of my family are using, and that causes me to have high ping while playing. The modem is downstairs and my PC is upstairs, should i...
  12. N

    Question Ping has almost doubled after hard router reset

    Used to get 44ms before hard reset, now I'm getting 65-70+. I'm not sure what I can do about this, there are times it would go from 44-55 but never that steep of an increase. I called my ISP and they weren't able to help.
  13. K

    Question Wired Connection with High Latency

    Hello! I just recently moved in with a family member. I am prefacing this by saying that this family member has a strange internet set-up, but I am not knowledgeable enough to describe it. I set up my gaming computer, and I have connected a CAT6 Ethernet cable from the router to my computer...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Why am I still getting bad ping?

    These have been some of the longest months of my life. My internet plan is Charter Spectrum 100d 10u (the best plan for my area) and I have a CAT6a ethernet connection. I have swapped my router, modem, ethernet cable, and some network sockets were removed by charter because they were giving off...
  15. W

    Question I am getting bad ping spikes in relation to a powerline adapter!

    Hello, I have recently been experiencing quite bad ping spikes in online games, which occur every minute or so and last about 15 seconds. I have managed to isolate the cause to a TP-link power-line adaptor which links my router to my dad's outside office by Ethernet. When this is connected and...
  16. OneShotRich

    Question Good Internet but Extremely High Ping.

    As the title states, I have amazing internet, I have AT&T Fiber which runs me 900+ mbs down/up. The Issue I am having, that I cannot isolate is. my ping/latency to games is 300-400% higher than normal normally I will ping 35ms in game but as of the last 2 days I have pinged 300-500 ping in game...
  17. coakuduro

    Question Cant make connection wiith PC and notebook using LAN cable

    I wanted to connect my PC with notebook through LAN cable (CAT5-568B, also tried few others with 4 wires) . On PC side i use win10 and i set IP to, Mask and on notebook side i use win7 with IP and Mask I disabled firewalls on both side, but...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] Getting very bad/inconsistent connection in games, what can I do?

    As of writing this, I currently have a somewhat limited experience with my PC due to horrible ping. It becomes really noticeable in CSGO, my main game of choice when I play. When other people are on the network, I get ~110-200 ping with spikes up to 500+ ping, depending on the specific moment of...
  19. E

    Question Ping Variation

    Hello, over the past week now i have been experiencing very high ping varitation. It is making gaming unplayable and my work very hard adn akward. I have tried everything in the books I can think of to fix it. My service provider is virgin media. My downloads and uploads speeds are fine, I am...
  20. C

    Question HIgh Ping after playing a game for 30 minutes - 1 hour.

    Ive been noticing super high ping after playing an online game like fortnite for a while and then my ping spikes to 400-900 and stays there until I restart my game. I switched to ethernet and this stopped happening and so I am almost certain its my usb wifi adapter. Can someone explain how to...