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  1. E

    How to apply 21:9 resolution on native 16:9 on DSRx4?

    My native resolution is 1366x768 and I normally run my games at 2732x1536 (DSRx4). I really like how DSR creates almost seamless alt-tabbing and prevents glitching and unwanted resizing of other windows, unlike with non-DSR resolution changing. The problem with DSRx4 is that my framerate...
  2. V

    Looking for a gaming build for ASUS motherboard m5a78l-m lx v2.

    Hey guys, I was thinking about upgrading my components except the motherboard which is ASUS m5a78l-m lx v2. can somebody suggest the upgrades for 1. PSU (which preferably wont make much power and will be able to run good graphic cards), 2. Ram (how much do i need? 4 or 8 or 16 and of which...
  3. S

    NFS Shift: Freezing

    Hi Guys I installed NFS Shift. First it crashed on test lap , so i uninstalled Physx and then installed latest Physx. But then happened this : CPU: Pentium E2180 2,5GHZ GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB 4GB ram It goes fluently , but those lags are...
  4. M

    Worth getting a 144Hz monitor?

    Hey everyone. I'm kinda new to this so this might be a dumb question. My specs are: i7-4770 3.4 Ghz 8Gb Ram Nvidia gtx 970 Im currently using a 60Hz 1080p monitor (Philips 234E), but I was thinking of purchasing a 144Hz monitor since I play a lot of games. I'm currently not playing any FPS (not...
  5. A

    Is there an mp3 player that can manage podcasts?

    I want an mp3 player that has the ability to manage podcasts on the go. E.g. A podcast app and a WiFi connection etc. I want to avoid something that requires syncing/interfacing with a laptop to get the latest episodes. I want to cut down on using my smartphone but one thing I can't do...
  6. B

    Windows 10 slow post boot SSD

    Recently i noticed an unusual boot time that lasts almost a minute despite having a sata ssd. All i can say it's that i gathered those additional seconds in time, almost gradually. Tho i don't have a vast amount of applications to be loaded when starting the computer, the windows loading time (...
  7. I

    Keyboard keys not working

    My Fujitsu lifebook e series Keyboard some of the keys not working i,e,up arrow ,left side cntrl ,alt,del keys not working
  8. B

    Unstable internet connection what could be my problem???

    i have been having unstable internet through some certain times in a day just like this afternoon i played dota 2, the ping was low about 60ms and i dont know why but it lags like hell. i don't know if my router is broken or what btw my router is already 5 years old since 2013 and even on my...
  9. T

    need driver for win7

    need network driver for Satellite C55D-A5120
  10. D

    Is this good value?

    I recently had an order from Lenovo cancelled and they offered me a 20% discount code as an apology. They have a desktop for €999 with an i5-6500, gtx 1070, 8gb ram, 2tb hdd, 450w PSU. With the discount code this comes down to €799. Would you consider this to be good value?
  11. pewpewboomboom

    Windows 10 won't boot after removing a second hard drive with Windows 7 on it

    Built a computer about a week ago with 2 drives for storage. The first drive C: is a Samsung 960 EVO 250GB being used as the boot drive with all programs being installed on it so far. Second drive E: is a WD Blue 1TB from a relative with Windows 7 previously installed on it and has so far not...
  12. F

    Does This Pc Look Good?

    Hi guys I have an updated version of a budget build I've been working on, on pcpartbuilder and I think I have an ok setup for under $600. Here are the components: CPU: Intel - Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor Motherboard: Biostar - Z270GT4 Micro ATX LGA1151 Memory: Team - Elite Plus...
  13. J

    Recommended fan for my setup

    I have this Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 I was wondering which of these CPU cooling fan do you guys recommended? And will they all fit perfectly without touching anything on the Motherboard? - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CRYORIG H7 - CRYORIG C7
  14. K

    A strange issue

    Ok so today after a few days of my PC working after months of inactivity I have encountered a weird issue. While testing my computer i downloaded and played some World of Warcraft and when i went to shut it down the fans, LEDs, and the CD drive all seemed to stay on until I held the power...
  15. P

    Can I Make Playable Blu Ray Disc Movies With Handbrake?

    A week ago i asked for suggestions for an open source software that helps me make BRDisc for Blu ray standard players. Some suggested handbrake but it seems to only transcode and not burn videos into blu ray discs... Any tutorial will be helpful. Here is the thread where i asked for...
  16. Mister Darius

    Win 10 completely freezing even after clean install of Windows

    So I was Windows insider for quite a while on fast ring and my pc started acting strangely 1 build ago. Basically my pc would sometimes freeze completely while playing cs:go. I just hoped it will be fixed in the next build, but it got even worse that it would even freeze sometimes while the pc...
  17. L

    CPU fan loud after fixing

    Something got stuck in my CPU fan so I had to tear apart the computer to get to it. I hooked up everything correctly but now the fan I really loud..Temps are in the 40-45°C range so no Overheating. Speed fan I tried but didn't work. Any other solutions? Laptop is an Acer Aspire M3-581T
  18. S

    USB Problems, partial working - most not.

    I have 12 different USB ports on the computer, all are hooked up and all should, ideally, be working. My build setup can be found here: If that does not work, my setup is (well, the highlights). MSI Z170A GAMING M5 ATX LGA1151...
  19. Elysian890

    Laptop refuses to connect to 802.11g modem-router

    Devices: Samsung N150 DLINK DSL-2640B modem-router Netgear WNR2000 router Realtek RTL8188CE Mini PCI-E Here's the story... a friend sold me his laptop for $25, everything works fine, except for the wireless connection, the laptop had Windows 7 installed but it ran horrible, wireless didn't...
  20. P

    Flying with Desktop Advice??

    I'm flying back and forth a few times from SF to LA for college and was curious as to what the best method/tips for flying with a desktop would be. Looking for the cheapest method possible. My computer chassis is a Thermaltake A31 Chaser and I have two of ASUS VE228H-P and a full size...