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  1. D

    Windows 10 just installed and upgraded entirely without my permission.

    I had an 8.1 installation I didn't want to upgrade yet because I have a whole bunch of games I'm concerned about compatibility issues with. I woke up just now, having left my computer on, to find that my computer is over halfway through "upgrading Windows". I didn't want this; I have coursework...
  2. ATI7000

    Rise of tomb raider keeps on crashing

    heres the Appcrash report can anyone please point whats cousing this problem black screen sound stilling playing runining on windows 7 64bit Version=1 EventType=APPCRASH EventTime=131011564930355191 ReportType=2 Consent=1 ReportIdentifier=3aba7bfd-de46-11e5-914a-f079595ef10b...
  3. X

    How to know what motherboards will fit my case?

    Im updating my entire computer mobo, processor,etc. Im trying to start with the mobo cause from my understanding, correct me if im wrong, thats the base of what will be compatible. I have a HP G71-340us. I know ATX is a standard size but what is mine and how would i find that out? My second...
  4. Tincan79

    Anyone own a NUC. Intel i3 or i5. 4th or 5th generation intel?

    Tell your Intel NUC story.
  5. L

    WD Internal Hard Drive Issues in External Enclosure

    I have a WD 1.5 TB Hard Drive, one that I've had for a while (and have confirmed works in a desktop), but seeing I now have a laptop I had to buy a External Enclosure ( So after I installed the Hard Drive I realised it wouldn't spin up no matter what I...
  6. L

    Black lenovo Pc

    Mine turns on and instantly shuts back down, and when i plug up my charger tge small red light blinks 3 times and stops..
  7. A

    proplem with power supply

    i have Antec 450w psu the proplem is when the power cut off and comes back the keyboard locks lamp keep turning off and on for 5 minute and during this time wont let me open the computer so can someone explain this proplem for me ( sorry for the bad english )
  8. M

    Planning to build a gaming Pc

    hi, am planning to build a gaming pc..i need to know that whether the MSI z97 motherboard is good for gaming and m planning to use a i5 processor and gtx 960 does all these work perfect
  9. R

    Monitor built-in speakers not working

    Hello,i don't know if this is the right place to post this but as i'm in great need of help i'll post it here because i would really apreciate if anyone could help me with my problem. I recently purchased a new AOC monitor with built-in speakers and after finishing connecting the hdmi cable and...