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  1. T

    Question Recommended Paint Colours for Vibrant Pink & White Case Mod (Metal)?

    Hi there guys, I'm building my partner's PC with her and I need some recommendations for spray paint brands or certain colours of pink you've seen or used that will work well on the metal Cooler Master NR200P (white). Would I need a primer or would the white be good enough to paint directly...
  2. A

    BIOS not detecting HDD (but it works)

    Hello everyone. First of all, thanks for having such a great comunity and for taking your time to answer this. I must say that I've been looking other post with slightly the same problem as I do, but none of them was the same (at least not the ones I've seen during all the day). As my title...
  3. D

    What should I upgrade? CPU or GPU?

    Currently I have an AMD FX-4300, a GTX 750 ti, a regular hard drive, and I'm going to get a 250gb Samsung 850 evo soon. Should I get an intel cpu like the i5-4690k or i5-4590 or a new gpu like a Nvidia gtx 960 or something like that? I also mainly play the game called osu! and just browse the...
  4. CrayZE

    SOLVED Windows not installing

    So, I'm trying to install windows off a USB iso. Problem is, whenever I try to boot to the drive, it says "BOOTMGR MISSING press CTRL ALT DEL to reboot" Am I doing something wrong? Please help. MSI z97 Gaming 7 mobo Kingston 120 GB SSD
  5. ryuk7533

    should I get a new graphics card or GPU?

    OI recently got a low end PC of craigslist and it's main use is for gaming and internet use. It currently has an athlon 445 x3 running at 3.1ghz and a pny nvidea gt 630. I was considering upgrading to a fx 6300 since its only $120 but I wanted to know if I should get a new gpu first. The PC can...