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Forum discussion tagged with Pioneer.
  1. A

    Question Pioneer S-21W Home Theater Subwoofer suddenly stopped working

    Firstly just some details: The Subwoofer as the title implies is a Pioneer S-21w (yeah, it's more of a stop gap atm but wasn't expecting it to pack up this quickly) Connected to a Denon AVX-540BT Home Theater AV System. The story, if you're sitting comfortably: I've had it for a few months...
  2. R

    Question Can't use read two DVDs at once but Blu Ray is fine.

    Hi, I have two blu-ray drives in my computer. A Pioneer BDR-209D and a Pioneer BDR-211M. I have an unsual issue where I can't put two DVDs/CDs in the machine at once. If I put Blu Ray discs into the drives it works fine. But when I put in a CD or DVD it will read one and but not the other. It...
  3. S

    Question Running Old Pioneer Receiver and Sonos System at same time?

    Good afternoon/evening, As the title implies, I was wondering if it possible to run an old Pioneer receiver and a Sonos surround system at the same time. I don't have the exact model number, but my receiver is nearly 15 years old, it doesn't have HDMI ports in the back, and I currently have it...
  4. R

    Question UPS for voltage regulation

    Hello, I am wanting to get a UPS for my home theater system. I know any UPS wouldn't be able to power a home theater for very long, what I am interested in is the power regulation, power info as well as the surge protection. Power fluctuations are not good for electronics and a UPS with AVR...
  5. V

    Question HDMI TV capped at 24 Hz

    Hello everyone Two weeks ago, I bought a new Lenovo Y540 (81SXCTO1WW) with a 144 Hz screen. That screen works well, and the switchable graphics (Intel UHD 630 and Nvidia RTX 2060) also work properly. I have updated the drivers via Device Manager (Intel driver is from 4/07/2019) and for the...
  6. Dshiftr

    Question Activating 5.1 channel on Yamaha RX-V1800

    Hi all, Going to format that post as best as possible, hopefully everything is clear. My equipment Pioneer Elite Plasma TV (paired with the Pioneer PRO-R06U). Yamaha Receiver RX-V1800 Xfinity Cable box (latest) 5.1 surround sound setup all wired into the Yamaha Receiver. The Problem I am...
  7. S

    Question Netgear Nighthawk won't allow cable connect to Pioneer VSX 70 Audio system

    New Netgear Nighthawk R6700v3 . Multiple cables - all good but Pioneer VSX-70 audio system won't connect. Worked fine with old router. Loopback shows all ok, but still nothing. Multiple unplugging power cables from modem, router and audio system, starts and restarts, etc. but still no sign that...
  8. iAmFrank

    [SOLVED] Pioneer VSX-534. Sound cut off every 10-15 minutes or so

    I’ve got the Pioneer vsx-534 hookup to my pc via a optical cable. Randomly the sound cut off mid-game, music or even on youtube for around 2-3 seconds only and come back after. I’ve search a little bit about my problem online but can’t find anything related. Here’s my PC setup if it can help...
  9. B

    Question M-Disc?

    Can anyone tell me if this drive actually supports M-Disc??? Recently I wanted to archive some photos and files so I bought this on New Egg . Pioneer 6x BDR-XS06 External Blu-ray Burner+100GB Verbatim M-Disc BDXL+Software I assumed this Drive would support M-Disc but the documentation and specs...
  10. U

    Question Trying to setup a single PC Streaming Rig.

    I currently have a build that I am trying to stream with and I am having all sorts of issues doing so... Any help would be greatly appreciated, below are the specs of my build. I9-9900k EVGA RTX 2080 32gb RAM Gigabyte Aorus Master If you guys have any ideas as to why I'm getting such choppy...
  11. K

    Question Gpu overheating rtx 2070 strix

    I'm relatively new to this, my problem is the following, I recently got an rtx 2070 strix and I'm a little paranoid about the temperature of the gpu because it reaches 78 degrees and being a strix I think it's too much, or I'm wrong? I have to worry or everything is fine? First of all, Thanks...
  12. Maimoru

    Question Help with APU's

    I am looking for an apu that works as a good cpu to but has week graphics, honestly the IG can be as bad as they want to be, I just need them to exist, dose anyone have any help Or advice they can offer?
  13. Andreas422

    [SOLVED] My pc won't boot from my ssd

    One day i came home to my pc, it wouldnt boot or anything i then tried to get a new PSU and a new notherbaord+ cpu after that it boots to bios but i will not detect my ssd where my windows is installed, i even tried my friends ssd wich is working on his own pc but i will still not detect the...
  14. Canadian Ace

    Question RTX 2070 can't do 144hz?

    So basically I had a GTX 1060 previously.. and I bought myself a 144hz monitor thinking it would be great. It wasn't, so I bought an RTX 2070 a year later and it's barely any better... I can do 60fps 1080p high settings in any game but most titles I can't even reach 100fps no matter what...
  15. Z

    [SOLVED] Cooler Master H500 Case - Top Fans Worth It?

    I'm in the process of picking parts for a new build and was wondering if anyone knew whether the Cooler Master H500 benefits much from top mounted fans? I'd be running with the mesh front and don't want to mess up air flow or pressure if the default fan setup is better suited. I'm probably going...
  16. News Microsoft Announces $3,500 HoloLens 2

    Microsoft today revealed the HoloLens 2 for $3,500. Read more here. KEVIN CARBOTTE @kcarbotte Kevin Carbotte is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews of graphics cards and virtual reality hardware.
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Need help checking PC build

    So, I’m building a PC and honestly dont know the first thing about the internals of a computer. Can someone please check my build and let me know if everything would work well together?, or any other thoughts? I’m trying to keep it under 1k, so I think the price point I’m at right now is pretty...
  18. K

    Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 memory error constant beeping

    Hello I have the gigabyte motherboard as in title It keeps beeping about 2 second beeps which as far as i read is a memory error., the ram stick i tried are different frequencys both give same result, same result with no ram , i tried clearing cmos, forcing second bios , all sorts of things, i...
  19. A

    Dual monitor issue - 2nd monitor "out of range"

    I’m trying to do a dual monitor setup for my PC using a 4K TV and a 720p monitor (at least I think it’s a 720p). The Operating System is Windows 10 Pro. The graphics card being used is an Asus Nvidia GT 710 2Gb (bought just days ago). The connection for the main monitor (the 4K TV) is HDMI...
  20. S

    asus power issues

    Hi I have an old first asus rog laptop g2p and I love it playing the old games on , but all of a sudden it wont boot the battery light flashes orange intermittently and the fan also goes on and off the same as the light . I also noticed with the light off in the room , that the backlight on the...