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  1. Muhammad Jahid

    Question Do paid antivirus work in pirated operating system?

    I installed windows and activated by kms activator few months ago which means I am running a pirated windows until now. If I install a paid antivirus on system then will it work properly? I guess, its not a stupid question because most of the home users in asia do that...So the question came...
  2. M

    Vertical lines on screen

    My screen is showing vertical lines when displaying certain things/colors. I can still make out everything but the lines make it seem more granular. Is this indicative of a general thing or is it impossible to tell without knowing my exact setup?
  3. S

    Z170 with ddr3?

    Hey guys planning on getting a z170 board for my i7 7700k. The problem is since ddr4 prices are way up I cant afford ddr4 atm, so I was planning on getting a z170 ddr3 board I have 2 sticks of crucial 8gb 1600mhz ram would this weak ram affect games in performance by alot? Also which z170 ddr3...
  4. C

    Windows 10 Deactivate Help !

    Hello , I got a laptop with Windows 10 installed (not original). So I bought a windows 10 Pro Key and I want to make a clean install . Is there anyway to deactivate my current "cracked key" , or there is no reason to do that ? Also , will this pirated software affect my laptop , after the format...
  5. R

    GPU and Monitor like the chicken and the egg

    I'm just in the process of putting together a new computer. For all intents and purposes, the final build will likely be this: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor (Purchased For $234.99) Motherboard: MSI - B350 TOMAHAWK ARCTIC...
  6. V

    Could my overclock be causing my lag in games?

    I recently overclocked my cpu and started experiencing extreme lag. However, it dissapeared after a while and doesn't return much. However, sometimes it comes back. I would like to add that I have notoriously bad internet and lag consistently, but usually never this bad. The lag has since gone...
  7. S

    What is the best graphic card for GDDR 3?

    I want to upgrade my little brother's PC. What is the best graphic card for GDDR 3? CPU: Intel core 2 quad q8300
  8. ComputerWhiz305

    Why does my computer screen flicker?

    Got a new computer. It's an Intel i5 Quad-core with a Nvidia GTX 760 and 8gb of RAM. It's using an HDMI connection to an RCA TV as the display (1080p 60hz output). Was working fine when I first got it a couple of days ago, but starting today it is having issues with the display. The screen will...
  9. T

    unstable temperature amd fx 9370

    Noctua NH-U12P SE2 120mm AMD FX 9370 Asus Sabertooth FX 9370 @3.7 Ghz VID : 1.375 v Gtx 960 4GB Windforce Hi guys i recently have problem with my cpu, automatic shut down while playing game the default setting in bios like 4.4Ghz with VID 1.4750 V I setting the clock to 3.7 Ghz and vid to...
  10. Leonniar

    Custom Resolution Problem

    I tried to use a custom resolution in my desktop in order to use it in a game (csgo) . The custom resolution i made is 1440*1080 but my screen goes up to 1280*1024 . Thus when i put my custom resolution the screen seems "zoomed in" (i will be uploading some screenshots in a bit) i know that it...
  11. B

    GPU overheating problem?

    I have recently bought a Gigabyte GTX 1050 G1 Gaming and i see that in games i experience suddenly fps drops from 100 fps to 20 or from 80 to 20 and now i have installed msi afterburner and i see that my gpu temps are like 59 C on 1% usage (fan speed is on auto what means 25%) After 1 hour...
  12. O

    EVGA SLI on GTX 1080Ti AORUS?

    I´m going to buy 2 GTX 1080Ti AORUS but I have a EVGA PRO SLI BRIDGE HB 80MM. Will the EVGA SLI work?
  13. E

    gpu temperature gets to 81c

    that is when im pc gaming for a long time im pretty sure that is the hottest its ever been is that a safe temp? i have a gtx 1080 that thing is a beast i love it.
  14. M

    Good / Decent CPU for DDR3?

    Hi all, Right now my setup is: -16GB DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz -Geforce GTX 750ti -Intel i5 750 What I noticed is that my CPU is quite often around 80-100% and slowing down my games, even older games are lagging. I was wondering if this was indeed a problem that the CPU could cause, and if so: What is...
  15. B

    PSU recs: quiet, 300w - 400w, <80$ to replace noisy Acer unit

    I recently purchased an Acer Aspire ATC-780A-UR12, unfortunately the PSU is super loud at all times. Looking to replace with some thing quieter. I'm a computer hardware newbie so bear with me. ATX size, only upgrades planned are an ssd and ram. In my research I've found the seasonic 360w gold...
  16. D

    Ethernet is slower than Wifi only with my PC

    Here's the thing. I usually have a 10 meter ethernet cable attached to PC from router never had any issues got around 10Mbits speed (which is what promised by ISP no problem) And now I'm not even reaching 1Mbits. speed is about 20 Kilobytes. - I attached another ethernet from router to my...
  17. M

    GPU temperature goes to 100 degrees after 10-20 minutes of playing and screen shuts down with message : power saving mode.

    so today happened this while i was playing same game that i have played for years "smite", i restarted and try playing again and after 10-20 mins same thing happened. this happened me for 4 times now is my graphics card dead? its gt 630.
  18. C

    Cpu running full speed?

    I reinstalled my windows 10 yesterday, and my cpu temperature went up 10 degrees and i checked the frequency and its full speed, i checked the power option to see if its balanced and its already in that mode and i cant turn my cpu down.
  19. C

    i have a Rechargeable Laptop Battery 648634p it dose not work.

    i have a Rechargeable Laptop Battery 648634p it dose not work. It worked great but after a few months mine broke down. When I plug it in only gives 1 flashing light and it no longer accepts charge. Hoping their might be a solution to this and someone will chime
  20. J

    how much wattage i need for my power supply

    cpu: intel core i7 6700 mobo: gigabyte ga d3hp h170 cpu cooling:noctua nh l12 gpu: gigabyte geforce gtx 1070 g1 gaming storage: WD 1tb caviar blue ssd:samsung EVO 850 250GB memory:kingstone hyperx fury black 8x2 (16GB) cl14 1.2V case:corsair spech alpha fans:3 corsair stock 2 fractal design...