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    Question Smudge in monitor

    Hi, i have a samsung monitor but yesterday when i switched on the display i noticed a oily smudge in screen does anyone know what caused this and how to fix it.here is the image https://ibb.co/njYn8pS
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    Question Red dot near the middle of my monitor

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you guys could figure out what is wrong with my monitor. There seems to be a 0.5 cm red dot near the middle of it. It appears on dark backgrounds, most noticeably on a black background, but it's barely visible on lighter backgrounds, no sign of it on a white one...
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    Question 400/450€ phone (camera and battery) [Huawei p20 pro vs pixel 3a?]

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a new phone! I'd like to spend under 400€ since I really mistreat my phones and they don't last very long for me, but I see that at around 400/450€ you can get a really good phone so probably that's the better price point. By far the most important thing in a phone...
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    Question USB C port won't detect Pixel 2 XL on motherboard

    I recently upgraded the mobo on my PC, one of the new features I'm excited about is the USB 3.1 type c port on the front. Once I tried to connect my Pixel to the usb port, nothing happened. I tried reinstalling drivers but that didn't help; today I decided to connect my Nexus 6P to the USB C...
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    Question £160 28" 4K monitor - Images are stretched

    electriQ 28" 4K Ultra HD HDR 1ms FreeSync Gaming Monitor so i bought this monitor cause it was cheap but thing is it isn't exactly 16:9 my second monitor is a viseo243D which is 53.1cm x 30cm, so 16:9 exactly but this electriQ one is 62.2cm x 34.3cm which is more 16:8.82 I noticed this...
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    Question Dust inside of my screen

    So a few years ago I bought this used Asus K53SC, and ever since I've bought it there's been some dust in the screen. I waited, since I might get used to it, but after 2 years I still get annoyed every day. I can't get a picture of it, because you will only see the squared lines arround the...
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    [SOLVED] Is it normal?

    Hello guys, In the Upper of my screen there is black line is that normal? Yes I can't get my cursor on it I have checked my resolution its 1920x1080 (recommended) My screen link: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-22MK430H-B-led-monitor
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    Weird lag spikes in multiplayer games

    I know many people make threads about this, but I have tried so many things and can just not get an answer. So my problem is that my Wifi speeds are perfectly fine, everything is fine, I can talk to friends over Xbox with no interruptions, then, as soon as I join a game, It becomes unplayable. I...
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    R9 280x unstable at default clock speeds. Display crashing and recovering

    Hi there, It's been a long few days of pc problems that simply started out as a shadow issue on a certain game, and after way too much messing about, I thought I had ruined this XFX R9 280X when it would immediately crash on every game. After of a long list of experiments and wiping away the...
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    Is it possible to acces folders on a windows 2012 r2 machine from a different network?

    Hello, The question is in the titel =) Some more info about my setup/plans: I have a server running windows server 2012 r2 connected via a wire to an asus repeater wich connects wirless to my asus DSL-AC68U. I can use the windows shared folders fine while I am st home but I would like to acces...
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    NZXT's Aer RGB fans on a H100i in push/pull?

    I've been running the NZXT Aer 120's on my H100i v2 CPU radiator because pretty lights. Now I'm debating if it would be worth it to throw the stock 120's on the radiator as a push/pull. Tell me, is this a bad idea? will it add any CFM at all?
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    CPUZ shows that my GPU 980Ti using only PCIE 3.0 8 x lanes instead of 16 x

    MotherBoard: GIGABYTE Z170-D3H CPUZ shows that my GPU 980Ti using only PCIE 3.0 8 x lanes instead of 16 x . When i check it in Nvidia control panel there is 16 x . I updated the newest bios of version F20. In BIOS i can set AUTO / GEN1 / GEN 2 / GEN 3 for general PCIE standart, but I cant see...
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    Computer Freezes at random while playing Games

    While playing games computer freezes at random. The lights on mouse,case and the keyboard are on and there is no sound when the computer freezes but the video freezes and doesnt respond to any command. My specs are ; Motherboard : MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k 4.00Ghz...
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    VLC Video Conversion Problem.

    Hello everyone!! :) I an trying to convert some .avi videos into .mp4 video formats using VLC convert/save option. But after the conversion is done it steams the video and just keeps on streaming and stops responding. During Conversion CPU meter goes to 100% So why does after conversion the...
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    Unable to install Hyper-V Platform role

    Hi, I am trying to install the Hyper-V role through the Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn a Windows Feature On or Off. When I check the box for Hyper-V, it searches for the files, acquires them, and applies the changes. It then says "Windows completed the requested changes" and...
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    Is corsair 450psu enough to power up i3-6100 and gtx 750ti

    I am about to build my first gaming pc so can i use corsair 450 psu and the config of my pc are 1) intel i3-6100 processor 2) Asus gtx 750ti oc 2gb ddr5 3) Asus ddr4 motherboard 4) 8gb ddr4 ram 5) 500 gb hard drive
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    Friends Build $1000 or less

    My friend is building a pc for gaming and wants to maximize performance but also pay $1000 or less including monitor. Main concerns are the cpu and video card. Here is the build: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/kirbylawlis/saved/#view=bpWMnQ Thank you!
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    My laptop doesn't display a wi-fi option in the setting

    I just got a dell inspiron 15 7000 series 2-in-1 laptop and I was looking for a wi fi network to connect to but after I went to settings -> Network & Internet the wi-fi option is not listed. It's like it doesn't exist.
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    Stuck in Safe Mode with Broken Screen (Windows *8.1*)

    Hello community, I currently have a broken screen, which cannot even properly close, on a Sony Vaio (not sure what the model is, but it has 4gb ram if that helps) with Windows 8.1. Earlier today, I tried to boot into an external monitor (a TV). I stupidly took someone's advice on a...
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    MSI R9 390 issue?

    I brought a new gpu the R9 390 by MSI, i installed it turned on my pc it booted up got past bios screen then my windows loaded it as soon as it came to my log in screen the screen started flashing on and off, the GPU fans stopped working and it kept rebooting automatically, again the same issue...