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  1. BananaMonkey

    Question Application freezes / crashes (games & discord) + weird artifacting?

    Hey all, seemingly randomly my computer has started to crash when attempting to run games or discord (The application freezes (no error) then I usually close it myself). I first experienced the crashes just last week while playing a Minecraft Modpack, my game would freeze after a few minutes...
  2. a.ant004

    Question Random pixels appearing in games and apps (RTX 2080)

    I've recently noticed an issue that I think might be related to my GPU hardware, but I'm not entirely sure. When I use some apps, such as Nvidia Geforce experience, Steam or some Windows apps, I've noticed random pixels appearing in the applications and moving around, ranging from white to...
  3. P

    Question Flickering pixels/noise on laptop

    Pixels appear on my laptop on black images. They flicker in the RGB colours. I’ve reinstalled multiple drivers for the intel integrated graphics and the gpu. It has appeared in the BIOS as well so I fear it may be a hardware issue. It does however disappear if I bring a window next to the...