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    [SOLVED] Why is my disk going to 100% when downloading ?

    The problem is in the title. I had many problems with my disks (like it running at 100% in games) i fixed this problem by uninstalling Geforce Experience and disabling SysMain. To try to fix the download speed, i reinstalled windows (not formating it) and the problem still occurs. I think it's...
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    problem with choice command

    @echo off CHOICE /C YNO /T 10 /D Y /M "Are you feeling awesome?" IF ERRORLEVEL 1 goto yes IF ERRORLEVEL 2 goto no IF ERRORLEVEL 3 goto other :yes echo you are awesome! goto end :no echo bad luck. goto end :other echo unique ;) goto end :end This script always returns "You are awesome!". THX
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    GTX 1070 high idle clocks as of late

    hey guys, i bought a Zotac gtx 1070 amp edition about a month ago and everything has been great. on idle, the GPU would normally downclock to 350mhz. but for some reason i noticed today that the clock is staying at 1600mhz. what can cause it? to my knowledge i have not changed any settings. I...
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    Setup multiple access points from router

    Hi! I'm planning on setting up 4 access points in my house all connected to my main adsl router via cat 5e. What's the best way to do this in terms of ip addressing and equipment? Thanks in advance.