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    Question After enabling SecureBoot and resetting FactoryKeys(PK), PC turns on, but Peripherals are not working

    Valorant requested TCP 2.0 and Secure Boot Enabled after I recently switched to Windows 11. I followed this video (Guide) until ~1:35, then I pressed Save&Exit. After that my PC turns on, but non of the peripherals are working. All the fans and LED inside my PC work perfectly while mouse...
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    Question No post after doing something with Platform Key

    To play Valorant it required me to turn on secure boot and TPM 2.0, which I've done in the past. Ever since I got a NVME I haven't been able to enable secure boot. So, as a way to remedy that I thought I should do something with Platform Keys, something I shouldn't mess with. After that I get...
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    [SOLVED] Main BIOS won’t boot after changes done to Key Management Platform

    Hello! My motherboard is Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master. I've updated the main BIOS from F11n to F11. Everything was fine and was able to boot into Windows. Later I've observed that Secure Boot was disabled and I could not enable it (as required by Win11). It gave me the following message...