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  1. ardll

    Question My Laptop runs much SLOWER than other Laptops of the SAME system

    My laptop is an ROG GL553VE series but recently it has been dissapointing me. It runs CSGO on 50 fps and frequently drops to 10 or so. It runs DOTA 2 on 30 to 40 fps on lowest settings, not to mention the drops. So i was curious and ran 3d mark time spy to compare the score with others of the...
  2. O

    Question Which PC to buy? PLEASE HELP!

    1st PC CPU- Ryzen 7 3700X GPU- GTX 1080 RAM-16GB DDR4 3200 PSU Deepcool 550W SSD Corsair MP600 500GB Motherboard-Gigabyte x570 Gaming X Case-Masterbox Q500L 2nd-1150€ CPU-Ryzen 9 3900X GPU-GTX 1080 RAM-32GB 3200 DDR4 RGB PSU-Gigabyte G750H SSD-Corsair MP600 1TB Motherboard-Gigabyte x570...
  3. O

    Question What can i upgrade on my PC.

    Cpu-Ryzen 9 3900x Motherboard-Gigabyte x570 Gaming x PSU-Gigabyte G750H RAM-32GB 3200 DDR4 RGB GPU-Geforce GTX 1080 SSD-Corsair MP600 1TB
  4. O

    Question For how much i could sell my PC?

    CPU - intel core i7-4770k 3.5Ghz Gpu - Geforce Gtx 1080 and Intel HD Graphics 4600 Motherboard - Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H RAM - kingston KHX1000C9D3/4GX
  5. O

    Question PLEASE HELP! My PC is way underperforming.

    According to Userbenchmark, my PC is performing well below what it should be. "Overall this PC is performing below expectations (25th percentile). This means that out of 100 PCs with exactly the same components, 75 performed better." If at all, I'd appreciate any and all help anyone could give...
  6. tVoss

    Question New Build, Random Reboots, Need Help!

    I built myself a new computer and everything works great, except I'll get random power cuts and reboots. It can run perfectly fine while playing games, or cut power a couple of times. It survives any stress tests I put it though, but can also cut power even when idling. Here's the component list...
  7. TheOliverT

    Question PC Shutting Down When Playing Games

    so when i start up any game that requires a bit my pc shuts down when i has to load something in heres a video where u can see it doing it: Specs GPU: Rx 580 Red Dragon CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Motherboard Asrock 970 Extreme4 PSU: Corsair VS650 Ram: Hyper X 8GB x2 Kingston SSD: Intel 320 Series 80GB...
  8. KhameleonXD

    Question Hello I want to overclock my computer can someone pls help me?

    So Im trying to overclock my laptop through xtu and havent quite understood the concept with videos so i have come to ask the experts for help So here are my computer specs: Processor Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU Cores x GHz 4 Cores, 8 Threads @ 2.81 GHz OS...