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  1. Hay___BBY

    Question PNY 750ti problems

    So I have a used 750ti I got from my job when I install it, it will intall the driver but then it gives me an error 43 in the Device Manager, I used DDU and installed many different drivers, I do have a version of windows tottally out of date but it doesnt feel like that would be the problem. So...
  2. Newcreationsurf

    [SOLVED] How to install my new M.2?

    i bought a M.2 but soon realized my motherboard did not support it . Recently i bought this adapter to put in one of the 3 PCIE slots but that does not...
  3. S

    Question Ryzen 3700x temperatures

    Hello,so i finished my new PC which has Ryzen 7 3700x 16gb ddr4 rtx 2070 super etc. i use my cpu with a stock cooler.. when i am using only google chrome watching twitch or youtube the cpu is about 45C-55C temperature. my old pc i used to have,had really lower temperatures.. and that had me...
  4. S

    Question which motherboard for gaming with an i9 9900k

    ASUS ROG STRIX Intel Z390-H/E/I GAMING 9th Gen ATX Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z390-A - Intel DDR4 ATX Motherboard
  5. Z

    Question Which monitor to pick?

    I know I have asked this before but the situation was different back then so now again please help me select which one I can go for. Do consider the quality of performance and material. Please do look at it carefully as I am going to order it by Sunday. Thanks 1.) HP 24fw 24 Inch...
  6. K

    Question New GPU won't connect with my mobo

    I got the new AMD Radeon 5700 ( ) and tried to install the hardware to my PCI slot on my micro-atx Gigabyte mobo ( ) but it won't work. The GPU is getting power because I plugged it into...
  7. K

    Laptop or desktop

    Hi..I don't know what to buy laptop or desktop I am going to high school this year in another city .I will be going home only on weekends Saturday and Sunday .I started a yt channel and I go to my uncle often . I don't know what to buy .the laptop is 250$ more than the desktop with similar...
  8. H

    Question Is my GPU dead?

    Hello, im in urgent need of assistance you guys. I was playing Ark on my pc just now when all of a sudden, my monitor went black and my GPU fans went to full power. It was really loud so I turned the pc off and let it cool down. (I suspected it was a cooling issue) I came back about 5 min ago to...
  9. H

    Question help me pls !!

    i bougth 5$ controller to my pc to play some fifa but the controlls are reversed , i mean when i try to run with RT it doesnt run and i need to tap RB to run but also it says me in the game "TAP RT TO RUN" what can i do beside buying a nongeneric controller ?
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Will my parts fit in a mini tower?

    I might need a new case cuz of reasons and I'd like a smaller one than what I currently have (43x21x47cm). I use: ASUS prime B250M-K micro atx Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 (28 cm) Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x4 DDR4 500W PSU Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Zalman's CNPS9500 LED CPU cooler Crucial BX500...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Will My Motherboard support it?

    Sup guys, I was wondering if my motherboard could support the i5 2500k d2990-a1 -----------------------------------------^^ And if it does, which motherboard should i upgrade in the future for overclocking?
  12. J

    PS4 Controller and Windows 10 Detection Issue

    Hi, I think this is the right place to post this but if it isn't I'll be happy to move it. I'm having some trouble connecting my PS4 controller to my PC via USB and I feel like I've tried every solution I can find. The weird part is it was working just fine until I reconnected it to my PS4 and...
  13. D

    Which PSU to buy

    Hi, I am trying to buy a 650W psu I have found the Corsair VS650W PSU is fine for me but what is the difference between these two models:
  14. F

    Ethernet not working after thunderstorm

    My Ethernet does not work, but my Wi-Fi works fine. My modem is an Arris DG1670. Here's my set-up: My modem is connected to my desktop via a USB to Ethernet adapter because my Ethernet port on my desktop is broken (it has been broken for quite some time). I do not have a router. My Wi-Fi comes...
  15. Netsurfer733

    What can I use to plug an xbox and my computer into this 1 Display port monitor?

    I have this computer monitor: And I love it except I was surprised that I am unable to plug more than 1 Display port piece of equipment in at a time. So right now I have my computer hooked into it, but I would love to be...
  16. B

    How to set up and maintain a liquid cooling system

    I am looking at getting this PC It says that it has a liquid cooling system. What will I have to do to set this system up and what would I have to do to maintain it?
  17. T

    Compatibility with components

    Hi guys so i have an amd A6 6400K processor and an emx a70 fm2+ icafe motherboard. I'm planning to buy a zotac gtx 1050ti oc graphics card (Its the only card that fits my budget anyway) I just wanna know if this is compatible with the components that i have. Thanks!
  18. V

    help!!! loop restart before win logo

    Hi, I build a new computer, I just change all except my old HDD (sata), I did assemble all the component. When I turn it on, it all runs fine until windows logo start to come then bfore it completedly shown, the pc was restart, then repeat again just like that. (so drivers for new item not yet...
  19. P

    Which last longer HDD or SSD?

    I'm building a gaming PC and I was wondering if I should get a HDD or a SSD. Which one is a better choice
  20. Golitan11

    New build : I want more cores, but not the extra features X99 has to offer. Which route should I go?

    Approximate purchase date : Before September. Budget : About 2000$ USD (could be less depending on my needs). System usage : Mostly for productivity tasks such as programming (computer vision, 3D programming, etc.) and music production. I also play video games sometimes (maybe 20% of the time)...