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  1. T

    Question RTX 3070 stock

    I checked every site I could find and haven't found a good priced rtx 3070, is there any other gpu that is in stock, has nice cooling, and is overall good for gaming, if you can please specify the cost, and maybe even a link if possible :)
  2. XxKillerxX

    Question Suddenly my windows pc(actually laptop) gave me error Driver Power Failure and from thereafter my dedicated gpu not working

    When I saw in device manager I found that my gpu was not even showing in device manager actually I tell you what that I had a exactly freaking same problem with my older laptop of the same brand then I thought that it had became too old that's why it's happening and now I am overwhelmed and do...
  3. Tec Noir

    [SOLVED] Is it Smart to have 2 AIO's in one Case?

    Okay, lets show some parts to give you an idea what Im working with, and planning on doing, but the issue I have is, Will it work.... -Kraken G12 -Kraken X72 AIO (For G12 to mount on 1080ti) -MSI Duke GTX 1080ti Corsair H100I SE (For CPU) Intel Core I9 9900K NZXT H700 Case So the plan for me...
  4. Ulriik

    Question Im looking to upgrade my GPU

    Im wondering if my pc will be good enough for a MSI Gtx 1660Ti 6gb. I have 8Gb of ram An Intel I5-4460 My pc is a Predator G3 605 My psu is 484W i think Tell me if you need more info on my PC btw. Hope you can help me, thanks :)