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Forum discussion tagged with plshelp.
  1. sendhelppls

    Question My RAM went from 8gb to 1.5gb, what just happened?

    Hello, i need help or someone to explain to me what is happening. IDK how to start, but after i installed windows from the 8gb(6.9gb usage), the ram just cut of to like 5gb without the usage thing,just 5gb. I was confused and thought that there is something to do with the drivers so i did all...
  2. J

    Best WiFi Adapter Under $15

    I'm looking for a good WiFi adapter that has a range of 10-15 meters. The max I can spend is $15.
  3. L


    Just as the title says, right now i have an i5 4460 and I'm going to get a gtx 980 ti, and might sli it in the future. So, which mobo is better?
  4. M

    PSU enogh for the system?

    I have this system: CPU: Phenom x4 965 BE (125w) GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 2gb (175w) RAM: 2x2gb DDR3 1600mhz MOBO: Asus m5a97 R2.0 PSU: HKC USP 5550 (550w psu) SSD: 128gb kingston..(not realy a powe needer) will the system crash at full load because my psu has 75% efficiency at full load (my...