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  1. J

    Question Samsung monitor LED horizontal flickering! Most likely faulty Samsung plug!

    Samsung Monitor Above is the link to the monitor that i am having trouble with. When i first bought it and plugged it in a week ago there were horizontal lines a third of the screen wide and just one pixel in height with some other weird screen flickers. I looke dup how to fix it and people...
  2. E

    Question Computer automatically turns on when I plug it in the power outlet

    Hello everyone, My issue is as follows: for various reasons I have to unplug the PC from the outlet. Whenever I plug it back, my PC automatically turns itself on for some seconds (actually the case fans ramp up, not sure if the system actually tries to boot or whatever), and then it turns off...
  3. M

    Is the i5 4460 good for gaming?

    So right now I have a q9400 with a gt 1030 but I’ve been looking around and I’m gonna start saving up to get a gtx 1050 ti and a new cpu and motherboard. I saw a motherboard which is good for me it’s ddr3 1600 but has an lga 1150 cpu slot so that’s why I want the 4460. Or can anyone just...
  4. R

    Good time to buy a 1080?

    I know there's never a "good time" to buy a card but are there any potential price drops or new releases on the horizon? I can wait until the end of May before just picking up a 1080. I live in Canada if that makes a difference.
  5. S

    Wanting to Upgrade

    So I want to upgrade my computer and I want to use a Z97 and a Asus Strix R9 380x and a I5-4690 and I don't know if it's compatible because it would be my first big upgrade!
  6. G

    Enjoying Mulltiplayer Again With Halo 5's Warzone

    As much as we all want to see more of the story behind the Master Chief's next adventure, there's another section of "Halo 5: Guardians" that deserves attention: the new Warzone multiplayer. Enjoying Mulltiplayer Again With Halo 5's Warzone : Read more
  7. R

    Can anyone tell me about this motherboard?

    What do you think of it? is it an interesting find? i cant find any details on any parts or serial it worth anything?...
  8. G

    AMD OverDrive crashes my pc when i open it

    i downloaded th eprogram off the official site an what not i installed it fine and when i double clicked it my screen went haywire with so many different coulours so am wondering what i did wrong or is it my laptop amd radeon e300hd 6310
  9. W

    zotak nvidia gt640 2gb ddr5 vs ati radeon r7 250 1gb ddr5

    I want to know that which graphics card would be better. Zotak nvidia gt640 2gb ddr5 vs sapphire ati r7 250 1gb ddr5.
  10. comfydesmond

    Need advice on how to turn my 3 monitor setup to 6 monitors

    Hi guys, I would like to run 6 monitors on my desktop for multitasking purposes (and maybe gaming) but I'm not sure of the best way forward. I read up advice on using crossfire or usb adapters but I would like your personal opinion based on my rig. GPU : EVGA GTX 780 ftw PSU : 1000W EVGA PSU...