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  1. Myst_8362

    Question Plz build me a pc on pcpartpicker

    Buget:2500 I already have a gpu so I just need everything else used for: vid editing, gaming (mostly fortnite Minecraft and valorant) and school and lots of rgb
  2. T

    Question BIOS

    Hi everytime i download Asus BIOS 3805 its only installing a picture or something that called "Asus-Z170P...CAP i change the name of it but it doesnt update my pc plz some help
  3. oofmaster

    Question My PC is giving me a POST code of 1 long beep followed by 2 short ones and doesn't display anything

    To my knowledge, the POST code indicates a VGA error. I tried booting my PC without the graphics card as my proccessor has integrated graphics but even that doesn't stop the POST code. Any suggestions on how to fix it or if I have to replace my motherboard?
  4. G

    Best Oculus Go Games

    From dueling wizards to rocking out and beating baddies, these are the best games on Oculus Go. Best Oculus Go Games : Read more
  5. G

    Looking for Appropriate PSU for a ASUS GTX 960 Small Factor?

    I've been looking for GPUs for a while now and have settled on a ASUS PCIE GEFORCE GTX960 MINI OC 2GB BOX DDR5 due to my case being too small for a normal GTX 960. The only problem I have is that my PSU is 460W. I looked at the specs on the GPU and it said this, "Up to 150W1 Additional 6 pin...