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pocophone f1

Forum discussion tagged with pocophone f1.
  1. D

    [SOLVED] android phone fell in water and doesn't charge

    My Xiaomi pocophone fell in wate for like a second or two, when I took it out speakers were sounding distorted but the charging port was initially fine, I put the phone in rice for approximately 2 hours, then I took it out and speakers were working fine, but as I put it to charge overnight and...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] touch screen nonsensitive - Xiaomi Pocophone

    so i recently got the pocophone f1, its been pretty good with the exception of the extremely annoying touch screen, which is very sensitive. For example when i am playing music and put the phone in my pocket without closing the screen, the music starts skipping and pausing due to the...
  3. prosomvanshi

    Question Wifi Fluctuations only on android issue for a really long time

    I have a laptop and 3 android devices at my house. Xiomi Poco F1 Huawei Honor 6x Motorola Moto something Its been like a year or so I have the problem of my wifi connections fluctuating a lot of time during the day I cannot load messages or send them for like a min or so. it has been very...