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  1. B

    Question POE CAT6 Tests OK Yet No Camera Connectivity

    Good afternoon, I installed a Reolink 6 security camera system on an 8 channel 2TB NVR about 13 months ago in June of 2021. The system was installed for about 1 full year and everything worked flawlessly. I used my own FastCat CAT6 solid core ethernet cable for the installation, and up until...
  2. Jared1027

    [SOLVED] PoE Cat6 (female) to USB A (female)

    Has anyone seen a PoE Cat6 (female) to USB A (female)? I've been searching without any luck. Is it even possible to create one?
  3. J

    Question PTP WiFi Extender question

    I'm trying to connect internet from the home to a building ~50 yards away. I'm networking disabled (not experienced and need help!). If I use PtP like this one: https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-CPE210-300Mbps-dual-polarized-directional/dp/B00P4JKQGK on the house, do I need another on the other...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] New POE Access Point weak signal

    Good Evening Everyone, I was reaching out as I am running into an issue that I am having a hard time solving. I am trying to help a friend get signal to his LG tv in his detached garage which is about 60feet from his actual access point. The kicker is his whole house and garage is made of...
  5. Jared1027

    [SOLVED] PoE to Outlet Socket

    Are there any options for connecting a PoE to an outlet socket? I am looking into getting the Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) which comes with a weatherproof cable. I have PoE cables already routed to the outside of my house and am wondering if I can find a sort of switch or conversion...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Port-Forwarding Mikrotik router

    Hello There, Im having some issues with port forwarding on my Mikrotik router. So basically my network configuration is as followings Dish (Where the ineternet comes in/out) - The DHCP server is enabled here | Ethernet cable coming of the roof | POE Adapter (to power the Dish) | Lan Ethernet |...
  7. John_234

    [SOLVED] Wiring POE security cameras

    I have just received some PoE security cameras off of Amazon, I am looking at powering them through a UniFi PoE system, I am looking at cutting the standard ends off the cameras and using a punchdown to terminate them to a cat6 cable. When I spliced the cable on the camera it only seems to use...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] UPS for Dish Internet and Router

    Hello currently I'm having an issue figuring out a valid UPS system for my network. I live in South Africa where currently we are experiencing load shedding. Our country can't keep up with demand so we have 2 hour periods everyday where there is no power. So im im need of a solution to power...
  9. ahmetkca

    [SOLVED] Can i use PoE like a Powerline adapter?

    I bought PoE instead of Powerline adapter by mistake. I was wondering can i use PoE as a Powerline adapter. I was gonna return it. If there is still a chance to use PoE to connect my pc and modem over electrical outlet it would be great.
  10. Rogue Leader

    [SOLVED] Lag spike issues with Engenius WAPs and PoE Switch

    I'm losing my mind chasing this issue. First off the hardware: Dlink DSR-250 Router https://us.dlink.com/en/products/dsr-250-8-port-gigabit-vpn-router Engenius EWS7928Pv2 PoE+ Switch https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/managed-poe-network-switch-ews7928p/ 4 Engenius EWS357APv3...
  11. Barty1884

    Question Replacing dead POE switch today - Options (Ubiquiti/Unifi)

    Hi all, Just looking to get opinions before I run out and buy something today. My US-24-250W died overnight. Completely, no signs of life whatsoever. I have 13 feeds out through the house/garage + CloudKey. 5 of which require POE. Managed to get my non-POE devices connected with two...
  12. velocci

    [SOLVED] POE security cameras

    hi all, I want to get security cameras for my home and want to use poe for them and plug them all into my switch. do both the cameras and switch have to be poe or just the cameras?
  13. prejudice

    Question Poe network running at half speed through ethernet but max through wireless

    Hello ive got a problem with my current network the layout of my network is as follows Dish on roof > POE > Router > Desktop pc With that current layout my network speed is normal on all wireless devices but anything wired via ethernet from the router is half speed. Ive tried the following...
  14. O

    [SOLVED] Need help with settings for home network settings - TP Link Acess points

    In a nutshell, my home network was too slow and not reaching certain points across the house. I bought two TP-Link AC1350 Access points off amazon and a POE switch. The current setup is my BT router in the loft with the POE switch connected, and the two access points connected via ethernet in...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Is there anyway to increase download speed through different circuits using a powerline adapter?

    I've recently purchased a https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-AV1000-Powerline-Ethernet-Adapter/dp/B06WP2ZT5N/ I pay for 100mbps down and 10mbps up When I first plugged it in and connected it I got 50mbps down and 10mbps up (idk if it was luck or what) Now when I do a speed test I get around 10mbps...
  16. Barty1884

    Question PoE Camera that work with Google Home or Alexa Show?

    Hi all, Anybody know of any IP cameras, PoE and outdoor rated that integrate well with Google Home (preferably) or Alexa Show ? Ideally cheap(ish)... I gather the Reolink RL-420-5MP does, albeit syncing via their own app then tying into Nest/Google Home, but seems like my main contender...
  17. Z

    [SOLVED] PoE isn't working

    So i bought in this week a PoE unmanaged switch, a Hikvision DS-3E0105P-E/M, my question is: When i connect the IP cameras to this switch the PoE is not working and of course the representative led aren't flashing. What i did: -I changed the cables from one Cat to another Cat -I changed the...
  18. TripleStack42

    Question Ubiquiti Wireless Networking

    Hey, I am wanted to set up a ubiquiti wifi set up using 2 UAP-AC-LR access points over a poe switch, however, it states that i should be using a passive 24v output method, but i have no idea what this means or what kind of switch i should be looking at Any help would be great!
  19. E

    Can I RMA my power supply if it burst/broke during travel?

    So I was carrying my Corsair 650 watt PSU in my backpack but when I opened it up after traveling on the coach I noticed white fluid in the PSU as if something broke or ruptured. I think part of the PSU burst but it's not safe to use and I don't know how to fix it. The PSU is brand new only a...
  20. V

    What should I uprgade first CPU or GPU

    Hi, I am currently using AMD A6 5400K, Radeon HD 5450 and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. I am planning on upgrading to Radeon 6970 and Athlon X4 860K
  21. L

    250 tv monitor budget

    Hi. I am currently using a RCA L40FHD41YX9 tv for both pc use and console games. Its about 4 years old maybe little older. I am wanting to find something new to use so I can give tv to kids. I can only budget about 250$ for new monitor. Going smaller is fine and losing out on picture quality as...