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    Question PS/2 mouse with PS/2 -> USB active adapter, polling rate lower than expected ?

    I'm using a PS/2 mouse capable of a polling rate of 125hz over an active PS/2 to USB adapter as i don't have a PS/2 port. However, when i test the actual polling rate of my mouse, it shows up as only 40hz. Is this a limitation of using a PS/2 mouse with an active adapter? Or can i get the...
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    [SOLVED] Pc lagging because of mouse polling rate

    so i have a mouse capable of 1000hz polling rate but when i use it at 1000hz my framerate is at like half of what it should be valorant(500hz): 270fps valorant(1000hz): 130fps is there any way to fix this cuz i want to be able to use my mouse with 1000hz polling rate and not lag
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    [SOLVED] Marvo M513

    Good afternoon, i had this mouse for some time, i usually play valorant and it doesn;t respond so well some times. From what i see on the internet and pro players, almost everyone has the polling rate at 500-1000hz, i've tried using sweetflow and put it at 500hz but no effect, it is stuck at...
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    [SOLVED] Polling rate above 125hz causing lag

    I have recently started having issues where my polling rate used to be set at 1000hz everything was fine but now unless I have the polling rate to 125 every game I play will drop from 100+ fps to around 5. This is also quite random but 6 times out of 10 this issue will happen. Now I've seen...
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    Since Feature Update 12/12/2017 PC Boots To Login Twice EVERY TIME

    Ever since a Feature Update with Windows 10 on 12/12/2017 I've had this really strange issue with my PC. When I shutdown the PC it takes a little longer to do so and when I boot for the first time it loads as far as the log-in screen and then boots itself again normally. The strange thing is...
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    is my hdd dead ?

    So today i turned on my system ( which has a 3tb seagate barracuda 7200rpm hdd inside for os + files ) and i installed an update for windows . When i turned on my computer again , got the "insert proper boot device and reboot" error. I went to the bios and nothing seemed out of place (hdd...
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    Unwanted websites pop up

    Hi All, I am facing a popup and redirect issue whilst browsing at work on certain websites (airlines, real estate, news / genuine sites.) A new popup window opens up and redirect me to a random site (usually porn ending in .ru, but more recently facebook and paytm) I thought the problem was...