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  1. dark.lucifer9999

    Question Random popping/knocking sound came from pc

    Yesterday night when I gaming I heard some strange noise came from my PC. Its like knock or pop sound(just like you tap your pc case like knocking a door). I heard it only one time but couple days back I heard sound like this too and when it happens pc was in idle. After sound there aren't any...
  2. L

    Question Popping noise after 10 seconds of no sounds ?

    Hello so i can hear a popping noise in my headphones about 10 seconds after no sound has played. I had this happen a while ago and found out its something to do with wallpaper engine but it's recently come back. Ive uninstalled it and nothing changes is there a way to fix this ?
  3. [SOLVED] Popping and Cracking noises

    I have looked for over month for any solution but there really isn't anything that could help me. What I have are quite annoying pop/crack sounds whenever there's any short sound - it's reproducible when hitting "Test" button within Windows System Sounds over and over quickly. This annoying...
  4. mjh8

    [SOLVED] Static/White Noise when computer is under load..?

    Recently I've had a loud static pop/white noise randomly when the computer is under load. It happens most consistently when I use the computer after its been idle for a period of time. The weird part is after its done it pop/white noise it randomly for a few minutes it just stops and you don't...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] PC boots straight to bios, no usbs have power or work?

    I decided to get an AIO liquid cooler and I installed it. I also got a new case so I disconnected everything from my power supply from both sides (since it’s fully modular) I hooked everything up, and once I plugged the power supply into the wall I saw the rgb lights on the rim of the aio. I...
  6. Moribund

    [SOLVED] Fast clicking coming from board. Help

    I changed all peripherals except the board and CPU. Changed 3 PSUs. 5 video cards. 2 SSD. 4 RAM sticks. 3 network cards. Disconnected all fans. Changed cpu fan. So I know this rattle like snake is coming from board. Stethoscope localises it to near CPU, variable voltage modules and RAM. When it...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Corsair RM750x loud pop sound ONLY when turn pc off

    Built my new pc yesterday and after testing found out that the loud popping sound comes from the RM750x and it's only when I turn it off, never when it's turned on. I already searched this problem and read people saying it's normal, and others say it's not so normal. Why is it only when I turn...
  8. Kizmat

    Question Audio Cracking/Popping in Windows 10 through all outputs

    Out of nowhere my audio started crackling when I change volumes or theres a sudden change in the sounds. Its not equipement related because when i stream my friends ear it through discord. I have tried all the possible solutions found on other posts: -changing sound drivers -reinstalling GPU...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Macbook Pro 2018 15 Inch Popping/crackling Sound

    Hello everyone. My MacBook Pro is making some weird noises when moving it. It's a kind of popping/crackling sound. Is It because the laptop is running hot? Video Thanks you.
  10. Z

    Question Popping Sound & Burning Smell

    Hello, So it has been about a year since I turned on my old tower. Just plugged it in, and booted it up. During boot up a heard some crackling/popping sounds. I immediately turned it off opened up the tower and looked around. I smelled the faint scent of burning, but could not see anything...
  11. E

    Wait for Pascal?

    I am currently looking to pretty much re-do my whole computer just for vr, I have a few options. option 1) keep my i5 3570k and just add 2 970's into the build, then later on when pascal comes out, replace the processor for an i7 and get the highest tier pascal card (sli) [I would be replacing...