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    Question Audio popping when fast forward/start and stop, or clicking windows sound icon

    Hello I have a VERY peculiar problem. Whenever i start or stop a sound, a popping sound occurs. It happens when i click the windows audio icon in right bottom corner and then click outside it, so the sound abruptly ends. It produce a fairly loud popping sound. Same when i fast forward any audio...
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    Question Asus X570 SPDIF Audio static and screeching.

    Hello. Today I noticed that there was a screeching and static popping sound coming from my Optical Audio DAC/Amp. This issue occurs when I preview video files in Windows 10, and when I open the files it takes quite a while for the audio to actually come through. The other audio ports on the PC...
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    Question Popping sound coming from PC (I'm suspecting the GPU)

    Hey guys, There are popping sounds coming from inside my PC for the past 3 months. It sounds like heat expansion/shrinking sound, but sometimes it can get a bit too loud. It's irregular in time, mostly happens 2-3 times a day. It doesn't affect performance at all, and almost always it happens...
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    Question Random Crackle/Popping in Audio

    So I recently built a new gaming PC and everything ran fine. Later on I installed an SSD (this is the SSD https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078DPCY3T/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) from my old PC into this new one and noticed there has been popping/crackling sounds in my...
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    Monitor Help please

    okay guys need yow help! i do alot of competitive gaming, so im gonna need something 144hz and fast response time, i also enjoy just playing good looking games so maybe 2k res alswell but 1080p is doable ( if 1080p try for 27") and 24" smallest if 2k res price range £250-300 could possibly...
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    ram capacity of hp notebook 15

    hello can anyone tell me whether my laptop-hp notebook 15 g206ax model-l2y68pa support 8gb of ram currently its running on 4gb ddr3 ram i would like to know whether ram frequency is 1600mhz or not.. please answer
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    What does only one-dimm per channel mean? And will this work... ?

    Ryzen CPU's support only 1 dimm per channel for higher memory speeds (2666 or 3000MHz and above?) The motherboard I plan on buying has 4 RAM slots, so what exactly is meant by 1 dimm per channel? I have 1x8GB of RAM and I plan on upgrading to 2x8 once I get the money to do so. So if I insert the...
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    Will my Cooler fit?

    Hi. I want to ask if the NH-D14 Cooler fits in this case : Fractal Design Core 2300 I have this motherboard: Asus Prime Z270-K Z270 1151 Will the Cooler fit? Will the RAM fit?
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    replacement cooling fan for a Satellite L855-S5240

    I need a replacement cooling fan for a Satellite L855-S5240 SN# 5C369789Q.