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  1. Seagod

    Question Port Forwarding not working

    Hello Guys, As stated in the title then i'm having trouble with port forwards. I have setup the rule in my router and my router company support cleared that the port forward was setup correctly. My Default Gateway Ip is and the pc i'm trying to port forward to is
  2. S

    Question How do i change my router WAN to be as same as the ip on whatsmyip

    So i want to portforward but it seems i have a 'private' ip from isp on the router how do i change to a public ip if its possbile without calling isp
  3. E

    Question Why does my router won't forward the port to my computer?

    I have a netgear smart wizard router. I created a custom service on the port 25565, added it to the firewall rules on inboud services, and checked on the website: canYouSeeMe.org. Error: I could not see your service on x.xxx.xxx.xxx on port (25565) Reason: Connection timed out Anyone has an...
  4. S

    Question Double Router Port Forwarding Minecraft

    I've been trying for a week to port forward my minecraft server to play together with my friends. I have seen a lot of tutorials but when i try Port Checker on Port Forwarding Network Utilities, my port doesn't show up. The port is 25565 and i think i port forwarded it wrong. I have two routers...
  5. Question Need Help Cant Get Port Forward Working on HG824H

    Hello I need Help for correctly opened port on my router ,it seems i done it wrong Yes ..i all ready watch YT or Read articles on internet but after i following the tutorial it seems its not working or having maybe different interface/firmware version with mine at this moment i need to open...
  6. lordvanko

    Question Having some problems portforwarding

    I tried port forwarding, but when trying to access my router via my IP it says my access is forbidden - "Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address " How to fix?
  7. J

    [SOLVED] How to port forward to devices on sub network?

    I have a Virgin Super Hub ( with an ethernet cable linking it to another router ( Is there a way I can port forward to run game servers from a device (192.168.1.xxx) connected to the second router? Devices on the second router's network are not visible from the first...
  8. R

    Question Help me understanding Port Forwarding

    I need help understanding what i'm doing. I just wanted to port forward Black Ops 3 PS4 but I couldn't figure out what to do when online tutorials would mention port fowarding the PS4 itself and also giving the PS4 a Static IP which has been confusing me if any of this is related or even needed...
  9. G

    Question Port forwarding with wifi extenders

    Hello, ok so my setup is like this Isp router--nexxt router on extender mode--tp link on extender mode too-- my pc via ethernet. I tried port forwarding to my pc ip but that doesn't work so maybe the extenders are the problem? Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  10. G

    Help with CPU

    so some people on reddit say that the intel i5 4460 paired with a rx 480 wont run doom on ultra when on youtube people are doing it not to mention my friends do it all the time with that setup so just to get some clearance seems like everyone on here are a bit more knowledgeable is hte i5 4460...
  11. M

    AMD Fx 8320 on this PSU

    Hello, i was just wondering if this would work I want to upgrade my pc to a AMD FX 8320 but im not sure if my PSU is up to it My specs are CPU: AMD FX 6300 Mobo: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 GPU: R9 270X 2 gb PSU: CX600 Bronze Edition